Is canceling travel plans giving in to terrorists? Associated Press

The risk of global terrorism is dominating the daily dialogue, and for good reason. With the Thanksgiving holiday here, should the traveling public be worried about what might happen?

No, says Robert Bakke, a Christian speaker and author of Prayer at Full Throttle. Canceling travel plans is giving in to terrorists, he says.

In recent weeks, terrorists claimed responsibility for bringing down a Russian airliner on Oct. 31 that killed 224, the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris that claimed the lives of at least 129 and a Friday raid at a Mali hotel that left more than 20 dead. Millions are expected to travel this Thanksgiving, AAA said in its annual prediction, and the State Department has since issued a global travel alert.

“Yes, terrorists took out a Russian aircraft, but there are hundreds of thousands of flights each day, making the probability of any us of being harmed in an aviation related event extremely remote,” Bakke said, noting, “I realize that statement in no way brings comfort to the families who lost a loved one in the Russian crash.”

Bakke questions whether “leading from behind” is “perhaps more dangerous than the terrorists themselves.” He says there are greater fears to be concerned about closer to home.

“Here in America, there are countless schools, churches, theaters, shopping centers and sports arenas that are ‘gun free zones,’” Bakke said. “Unfortunately, these ‘gun free zones’ have become ‘killing fields’ of the completely innocent.

“If I was going to tell people to alter their plans, I would tell them to avoid any school, church, theater or shopping center that promotes themselves as a ‘gun free zone,’” Bakke said. “These types of locations seem far more dangerous to me than getting onto an airplane as they are so easily accessible.”

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