Inside The Real ‘Amityville Horror’ House

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The Amityville Horror house is up for grabs! That should be good news for any horror buffs. The “bad news” is that it looks totally different. So much has happened in that place that they needed to give the Long Island property a total makeover to 1) prevent people from coming by like it’s a ‘haunted house’ tour and retelling ghost stories and 2) so it could finally get off the market after constantly changing hands since the murder of the DeFeo family in the 1970s.

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Ronald DeFeo and His Family

Inside the Amityville Horror

If you have seen the Amityville Horror film, you know the house and what happened there in the film. The house at 112 Ocean Avenue in the Amityville suburb of Long Island, New York, became the site for a horror movie after Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered all of his family members. That night, on November 13, 1974, the 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo shot his parents Ronald DeFeo Sr and Louise Defeo, and siblings Dawn, Allison, Marc, and Matthew with a .35 caliber rifle while they slept at 3:15 am. At his trial, he both admitted to his crimes and then took an insanity plea saying that he was hearing voices that instructed him to kill. This plead is what started the rumor that the house was a haunted place. However, the court recognized the crime for the truth: Ronald DeFeo Jr was a drug addict and alcoholic who murdered his family in cold blood. He was sentenced to six concurrent life sentences, having been charged with 6 counts of second-degree murder.

Living in the Real Amityville Horror House

The house was put up for sale after the Defeo murders. The real-life Amityville haunting at the colonial home seemingly set in right when the Lutz family moved in. The Lutzes consisted of George Lutz and Kathy Lutz and their children Daniel, Christopher, and Missy. They purchased the 4,000 square foot, five-bedroom, and the bathroom house with a boathouse for the asking price of $80,000. They thought they’d hit the lotto. But, they changed their minds 28 days later. After witnessing paranormal activity like seeing slime coming from the walls, Kathy levitating over the bed, and George waking up at 3:15 in the morning consistently, over the course of one month, they called it quits, and ran to live literally anywhere else.

Jay Anson wrote a book in 1977 based on the interviews with the Lutz family. He allegedly went through 45 hours of interviews and extracted info for his book that led to the movie, The Amityville Horror, with the same name. Some believe that the whole thing was a hoax, and others think it’s just to garner more money. Either way, The Amityville murders did happen. Today, the house’s address has been changed to 108 Ocean Ave to get better buys.

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