Quiz: Surely you can’t take that on a plane — can you? TSA photos

A quick read of the official TSA blog reveals one recurring theme: People are confused about what they can take with them when they fly.

In short, items that a passenger can use to stab or shoot someone are a no-no in carry-on luggage. Explosives are also off limits in both carry-on and checked bags.

Simple enough, yet it’s staggering how many hand grenades, guns, knives, explosives and other prohibited items TSA agents confiscate on a regular basis. In the first seven days of 2016, for example, agents discovered 37 firearms in carry-on bags nationwide, according to a post on the official TSA blog.

Who doesn’t know guns are prohibited in carry-on bags? Seriously.

Someone actually tried to check a gas-powered chain saw in his or her luggage. “They’ll never notice. Just stuff it between the underwear and the flip flops,” is assuredly what the person said.

Given the TSA’s record of catching contraband items, just think of what they’re missing.

In the spirit of helping the flying public navigate the friendly skies, the following quiz has been developed. While not inclusive of every possible prohibited item, this quiz is a good primer about some of the items that seem to cause confusion among travelers today.

Good luck. You’ll need it.

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