You can try, but you’ll need a little skill and a lot of luck to visit these five places!

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Surtsey, Iceland

This island was created in the 1960s by earthquakes. Only scientists studying Surtsey’s unique flora and fauna are allowed to visit.

Area 51, Nevada, United States

This highly classified base has led Americans to speculate on proof of extraterrestrial life. The highway near Area 51 has become a haven for UFO enthusiasts.


St. Catherine’s Monastery, Egypt

St. Catherine’s was founded in the sixth century. According to legend, Moses spoke to God in the form of a burning bush at the site of its chapel.

The monastery was closed to visitors after a policeman was killed there in 2017.

Mount Athos, Greece

Select male visitors are permitted to visit this site, where Eastern Orthodox monks have lived for centuries. But women are never allowed inside.

Leptis Magna, Libya

Sadly, turmoil in the region makes it difficult to visit Leptis Magna, which was founded by Phoenicians in the seventh century.

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