These 5 tips will keep you from getting sick on your next trip

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It’s so easy to catch a virus when you’re traveling because your immune system is exposed to new environments and germs it isn’t used to fighting. Plus, if you tend to eat less healthy food on vacation, your body might be missing some key nutrients it needs to stay in tip-top shape.

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Use these tips, which are easy to work into your traveling routine, to keep yourself healthy.

Use hand sanitizer like a magical germ protection force field

You should use hand sanitizer after any outing in a public space, which, let’s be honest, is pretty much constant when traveling. After riding in public transportation or in a cab, be sure to clean your hands with sanitizer. You don’t know who touched the handrails, doors, or ticket machines before you.

If you do want a magical germ protection field, try Four Thieves Spray. Legend has it, this essential oil kept grave robbers from getting the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages.

Carry sanitizing cloths

If you’re traveling by bus, airplane, or train, be sure to wipe down your tray table and arm rests, as these places often harbor cold germs. In fact, airplane tray tables were recently found to be the most germ-filled surface on an airplane. Carry sanitizing cloths for wiping down surfaces as well as hand sanitizer.

Stay hydrated

Drinking a lot of water may seem boring, but it’s especially important when flying. The combination of cabin pressure and dry, recirculated air in planes can rob your skin of moisture and lead to dehydration. Water will keep you naturally hydrated and feeling great for when you arrive at your final destination.

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Exercise, exercise, exercise

Not everyone wants to exercise on vacation, but dietitians recommend getting as much exercise as possible to keep you feeling great. Walking tours and bicycle rentals are great ways to not only learn about your destination, but to also burn calories in the process.

Fight motion sickness

If you’re prone to bouts of motion sickness, your doctor may be willing to write you a prescription for promethazine, an anti-nausea medication used by NASA to fight space sickness and recommended by Dr. Joanne Feldman of UCLA’s Department of Emergency Medicine. Feldman is considered an expert in motion-sickness treatments.

Have no fear of getting sick on your next trip with these tips.

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