This Washington Swimming Hole Is a Beloved Pacific Northwestern Spot

The United States west coast is known for many things. Culture, food, and of course the views. Now, if your mind immediately went to California, which mine usually does, prepare to add more places to your road trip list. The entire coast is full of locations that are unique, beautiful and well worth exploring.

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Dougan Falls

One of those places is a secret swimming hole in Washington called Dougan Falls. It’s nestled at the end of the pavement on Washougal River Road, WA. For Oregonians or visitors in Portland, according to ot Google, it’s a quick hours drive.

Skamania county, where Dougan Falls lives and its nearby areas are perfect for summer adventures. On the way to Dougan Falls, there are plenty of perfect spots to lounge and dip. The swimming hole itself is a great place to beat the late summer heat. Dougan Creek Campground is only 100 yards away from the 19-foot beautiful waterfall.  Visitors at the Dougan Falls NDR usually campground for up to 10 days. A permit is required to camp out, however, with the Discover Pas it’s free. Complete with picnic areas and picnic tables, the day-use areas are ideal for campers.

Cape Horn

Cape Horn, another frequented part of Skamania County, Washington isn’t too far away. The spot features picturesque cliffs and seasonal streams. The largest is known as Cape Horn Falls and empties into the Columbia River which allows hiking enthusiasts views for miles! However, there are some regulations. For example, the trial is only accessible seasonally- from mid-July through the end of January.  The trail itself is under 8 miles and is elevated at 1,300 feet.

These locations are popular for people in the area. You should also consider going during the week or during hours when most people are at work if you want the falls and trails to yourself. between you and I, that’s when you can enjoy the area better. Just take a look below at how beautiful the scenery is. Be right back, packing my bags.

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