Twins Boys, 10, Save Dad From Drowning Using Tips From ‘The Sandlot’ And ‘Hook’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A couple of classic kids flicks assisted three boys in saving a potential drowning victim — who just happened to be the father of two of them.

It’s true, as a pair of 10-year old twins said they used CPR tips they learned from movies such as The Sandlot and Hook to rescue their drowning dad.

It all started when Brad Hassig of Alabama was swimming in his backyard, performing underwater meditation exercises. His 10-year old twin sons, Bridon and Christian were in the pool with him, as was an 11-year old neighbor named Sam.

The boys started off playing, but sprung to action after noticing their father had turned blue.

“We were just swimming. The boys were having fun. I like to do just some calming, breathing exercises in the waters, which entails just sitting underwater,” Hassig told Birmingham ABC affiliate WBMA. “I was saying the Lord’s Prayer. And I just, I don’t ever remember finishing it.”

Bridon and Christian noticed that something wasn’t right and drug their dad, who weighs 185 pounds, to the side of the pool. Once they got him there, they started pumping his chest and giving him mouth-to-mouth, techniques they said they learned from “The Sandlot” and “Hook,” two popular kids movies from the 1990s.

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Meanwhile, Sam ran for help when the twins failed to unlock their dads iPhone.

Eventually, thanks to the boys, Hassig started to recover.

“I hear the boys saying, you know, ‘Daddy, come back!’ and ‘Daddy, you have to be OK!'” he said.

The family now plans to pass along the lessons learned.

“Since the incident, Hassig has told others to never swim alone and the family urges people to learn how to do CPR,” ABC News reported. “They’re planning a local, community-wide CPR event for kids and adults to get proper training.”

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