Tesla Technology Picks Up Ghost as Real Human in Graveyard

Middle Tennessee business owner catches two ghosts in the graveyard.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Ghosts are real. Okay, I don’t know if that is true but I am a lot closer to believing it after seeing this video.

Becky Lanham shared the video on Facebook and TikTok. Lanham is an entrepreneur in the Middle Tennessee area. She said that she loves being involved in the community and creating fun experiences. She sure as hell did that by providing the most compelling piece of ghost video that has circulated in a long time.

Check this out:


I finally captured some “activity” in a graveyard on my Tesla cam… I’d seen video of this before but had tried it with no success… until now. Spooky!!! #teslaghosthunting #teslaghost

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Watch it again because you can not believe what you just saw on the first try.

For the readers and viewers who think this is a technology misread, know that Tesla explains what its car “sees” and displays. The manufacturer has a video all about it, here.

As the debunkers look for ways to make that video not awesome, we should review. Lanham had a great view of the sunny weather: admittedly this being in the day makes it more compelling. She also made sure to show viewers what was around — clearly no humans — as the car reacted to what it believed it “saw”.

Lanham is the owner of The Remington Room, Dance Murfreesboro, and TherWarehouse; has compelled me more in one video than 25 seasons of Ghost Adventures.

Zak Bagans, your move, bro.

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