What is the Real Meaning Behind the Uno Reverse Card?

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Uno is one of the bestselling — and familiar — card games. But are you familiar enough with it that you know the meaning of the reverse card? Like, beyond the fact that the card does what it says?

How to Play Uno

Suitable for kids 7 years old and up, as well as teens and adults, Uno is the quintessential family-friendly game. Uno’s signature feature is that each game ends with the winner calling out, “Uno!”

As manufacturer Mattle says on the website for the game, “Uno is the classic family card game that’s easy to pick up and impossible to put down!”

Mattel bought Uno — along with Skip-Bo — in 1992, according to UPI.

The game play is fairly straightforward, which helps explain its popularity. Players try to collect cards that match the card in their hand — or that instruct on what to do otherwise.

The reverse card is one of those special cards.

The Meaning of the Uno Reverse Card

According to UnoRules.org, a website devoted to the multiple versions of the rules for the game, the reverse card has the same function in all of them. The card reverses the order of events in the game.

“The Uno reverse card might look a bit different depending on your version of the game,” the website says. “However, the thing is certain, you will recognize it by seeing the two arrows going in the opposite direction.”

The website also features “The Biggest Collection of Uno Reverse Cards” and lists their artwork for download.

The website notes that “Just as you thought that the Uno reverse card couldn’t get any better (it is the perfect comeback), the icing on the cake is the fact that the Uno reverse card a great anagram!”

Presumably, the makers of the number-oriented game mean “the Uno reverse card contains a great anagram!”

That anagram is, according to the website: “Uno!” or “No U!”

For more about Uno and the card featured in this article, as well as an explanation of its accompany meme, go here.

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