San Antonio College Student Receives Huge Gift From Whataburger

Hey Texans, this one’s for you! As if we needed any more reasons to love our beloved ‘3am handy-dandy’ Whataburger friends, the company decided to surprise one lucky Trinity University student studying in San Antonio, Texas with the ultimate Whataburger-inspired dorm room. Enrique Alcoreza is a student at the university, and let’s just say his obsession with Whataburger is real.

Last year, Alcoreza, who is a junior resident assistant, decided to decorate the entire hall with handmade Whataburger signs and logos. He said he wanted to show the students what he loved most about college, which to no surprise, was Whataburger. After photos surfaced, he gained the attention of the Texas-based restaurant chain. How did Whataburger show they were grateful? They decided to throw up inside his dorm and give it a Whataburger theme, including orange and white bedding, stylized food wall photos, apparel, day dot pillows, a personalized Yeti, and an unlimited amount of merch. I guess you can say it’s his own “What-a-dormroom”, right?

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

From “Ketchup” and “No Onion” pillows to a Whataburger mouse pad to a dry erase board, the chain left no part of the room untouched. They also added the ultimate finishing touch by getting Enrique his own Whataburger-orange patio table, complete with coasters and mugs for his guests.

I have to admit, going to college and picking my room theme was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Luckily, for the college student, he didn’t have to worry about that. I guess Whataburger really does mean it when they say they’ll make it ‘Just like you like it’, huh? Hey, Whataburger…what’s a girl gotta do to get some Whataburger decor at her office? Huge fan of your #3, plain and dry with cheese and bacon with unlimited amounts of spicy ketchup. Just saying.

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