Whatever you do, don’t say these five things to any mom Rare Life

Whatever you do, if you value your life, don’t EVER say these five things to any mom.

Not only will my head probably explode, but I’m not responsible for the face I make in response.

Let me just lay down a blanket “NO!” to all of these:

  1. “You look tired!”
  2. “Do you have plans this weekend?”
  3. “Don’t you love sleeping in?”
  4. “We are out of coffee.”
  5. “Are you on your way to work out?”

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Elissa Benzie About the author:
Elissa is a millennial wife and mom with two toddlers. She's neurotic and disorganized, she's over it and exhausted. But it's OK, that's life! Follow her on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest or Instagram
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