Widowed at 52, Vicki decided to take her love life into her own hands

At the age of 52, Vicki’s world was completely turned upside down. Her husband — the love of her life, the father of her two children — suffered a heart attack and passed away.

There was no way Vicki expected such a life-altering tragedy. She knew she had to be strong for her family, but she didn’t exactly know how she would do that.

“When my husband passed, it was so unexpected. You can’t plan for something like that, so when it happens, it turns your whole world upside down. I lost my other half; you just can’t even put into words what that’s really like. My kids were 15 and 19 years old, and I knew nothing about our situation was OK, but I just wanted to make everything OK.”

Vicki put her needs, fears and pain aside and focused on getting her two children through this unforeseen tragedy. She focused all her attention on them, making sure they knew that she was there for all of their needs.

“I got about five years down the line, and my friends were trying to set me up on dates. I would actually get mad at them. People can tell you that you’re ready to date, but until you know for yourself, nothing will ever come of it. I just wanted to keep focusing on the kids, and that’s exactly what I did. What really changed my situation was when my youngest graduated from college. Sean was going out into the world to start his own life, and that’s when I realized that I was going to be alone. My daughter was actually the one who pushed me to start dating again. When your own daughter tells you it’s time to get back out there, it’s probably time to get back out there.”


Vicki ventured back into the dating world, but hated everything about it. From the awkward coffee dates to the even more awkward dinner dates, she was over all the awkwardness!

“There really isn’t anything more awkward than sitting across from a stranger and asking them personal questions about themselves. I mean, that’s not how people meet! The best relationships come when you meet someone out with friends, or at work, when you’re being yourself. THAT’s what I wanted. I wanted to meet someone in a natural setting, but I knew that may be asking for a lot.”

Vicki’s luck completely changed when her son, Sean, came back home for the summer. He had always wanted a dog, so Vicki wasn’t surprised when Chewy, the rambunctious little pup, became her newest resident.

It had been a while since she trained a puppy, so she knew she may need a little extra help. That’s when she reached out to her friend, Paige. Paige was the founder of the Mostly Mutts animal rescue and truly was great with every breed of dog.

Vicki gave Paige a call, and Paige was more than happy to help Sean and Vicki tame their cute but energetic puppy.

“At the end of the session, Paige looked at me and asked me how old I was. I looked at her like she was crazy, but I answered. Her face lit up, and she then told me that she had the perfect person to set me up with. It was pretty random, but I really trusted Paige’s opinion. She was quite the matchmaker, so I figured I’d let it happen. What’s the worst that could happen?”

This is where the very charming Nasir comes into the picture. Nasir was good friends with Paige’s brother and had met Paige very recently.

Nasir had been divorced for a number of years and had been focusing on his children, who are now grown and thriving in their adult lives.

“I had recently met Paige, but it was very brief. I am really good friends with her brother, PJ. Shortly after meeting Paige, she started asking me if I was single and if I was looking to date. It caught me off guard a little bit, but because she was related to PJ, there was a level of trust there. She mentioned Vicki’s name, and I figured there was nothing to lose. My children were grown and living their own lives, so I was pretty much by myself. Online dating wasn’t working, and I was ready for a real, quality relationship.”

The stars had aligned for Vicki and Nasir, and it should have been smooth sailing from here, but Vicki wasn’t going to make it that easy. Paige told Nasir that Vicki was willing to meet, but on her own terms. She wanted to meet in a setting of friends; she was not willing to go on another awkward dinner date.

Nasir was a little caught off guard by Vicki’s request.

“She wanted to meet on HER terms. She wanted to literally meet in a controlled environment, with her friends at her friend’s home. I honestly thought she may be a little crazy, but for some reason, I decided to go to this completely controlled environment. The only reason I went is because PJ agreed to go with.  Luckily, it worked out for the best.”

Vicki’s friends host a dinner party just so she and Nasir could meet. The house was filled with people all looking at Nasir and Vicki, hoping a spark would ignite between the potential couple.

Nasir was pleasantly surprised when he met Vicki for the first time.

“Vicki’s friends were great, and meeting Vicki wasn’t awkward at all. She was super pretty and very easy to talk to. I liked her immediately. I would have never thought that this dinner, that was hosted in a completely controlled environment, would have been such a success. I am so glad that I showed up; it changed my whole life for the better!”

Nasir and Vicki hit it off immediately, and their relationship blossomed shortly after. Everything about their relationship felt natural and easy.

When  all the kids met one another, this was even more confirmed. Their families blended more perfect than either person could have ever imagined.

When Vicki looks back on how they met, and how their relationship formed, she is nothing less than grateful.

“It was pretty crazy how we met, and everything felt extremely natural… yeah, yeah I know we met in a controlled environment, but the connect was there immediately. I was so damn lucky that he showed up! I cannot even believe how lucky I am. My past husband was great, and the fact that I met someone just as great is as lucky as you can get in this lifetime. All of our children are happy, and our relationship is stress free. What else could you ask for? I’m also really lucky that Sean got Chewy — technically, Chewy is why we met. I can never be too mad at that dog!”

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