Wild MRI Scan Shows What Happens to Our Bodies During Sex

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Sex in the name of science: The best kind of sex or the best kind of science? A wild MRI scan from a scientific study in 1991 is viral on TikTok right now. Apart from the fact that everyone’s wondering how two people did the deed in such tight quarters, you’d be surprised at what happens to our bodies during sex.

Shagging for Science: The MRI Sex Scans That Rocked the World

Ida Sabelis and her boyfriend Jupp were approached by Sabelis’ scientist friend in the early 90s. Menko Victor “Pek” van Andel was the partner of her best friend. According to Vice, Pek wanted to essentially create a “body art” image with the MRI scanner.

Sabelis recalled that Pek was “eccentric” but had a degree in medical research and had helped invent the artificial cornea. Deciding that there was enough scientific merit behind the idea, she and Jupp agreed to partake in the scientific art experiment. They would somehow have sex in an MRI machine.

Initially, the couple was supposed to have intercourse in a missionary position, but Ida Sabelis didn’t want to.

“It’s a position that for me produces hardly any arousal,” she told Vice. “Anyway, Jupp would have been too heavy in that tiny tube.”

So instead, they spooned. Jupp was the big spoon, of course. They managed to squeeze into the MRI machine with their whole bodies. Only their feet stuck out.

“It became pleasantly warm in the tube, and we truly succeeded in enjoying each other in a familiar way,” said Sabelis. They were in there for 45 minutes.

MRI Showed That Penises Bend Like Boomerangs During Sex

The resulting MRI images were what totally shocked the scientific community. In fact, this particular study was so groundbreaking that it was repeated with other adult volunteers, under the guidance of Pek and Sabelis. However, they all assumed the missionary position and the men needed Viagra.

What the MRI images showed contradicted everything that people thought about the shape of the female vagina and male penis during sex. It turns out that the vaginal canal is not a straight tube. And penises, even when erect, actually bend like a “boomerang.” Pek’s penis actually bent at a 120-degree angle inside his partner.

The resulting images completely opposed what even famed anatomical artist Leonardo da Vinci had drawn in the past. And so, with this study came a historical rewrite of half a millennium of anatomical assumptions.

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