A couple days ago, I posted a photo of a mom “wearing” her children while shooting photos of a high school football game.

My main issue with the image is the idea that this is what women are doing these days. Women are “doing it all,” and I don’t think we should — or should have to. It takes a village. And the more we say “no,” the better it is for everyone.

I didn’t even get into the safety aspect. But I feel I need to now, since many of you mentioned the “luxury of babysitters,” which I think is very valid. It just may have no place in the context of this photo.

This is a photo of me after shooting photos of a high school baseball practice for a newspaper. I was hit in the leg by a wild ball while I was trying to take a photo through my viewfinder. I didn’t see the ball coming, and all I heard was shouting. The bruise on my leg was the result, and thank goodness that is all.


Years later, I was tackled during a college football game by the quarterback. I was standing on the sidelines (similar to the woman in the photo) with hundreds of other photographers. We were all tossed back from the force of impact. It was scary. I was okay and it was scary.

I say this only to show that I have an authoritative view of taking photos on sidelines. I have done it and I have gotten hurt doing it.

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I don’t think this woman meant to put her children in danger. I am sure it was innocent and she didn’t even think it was a big deal. And I support her if this is what she wants to do, but she is putting her children in danger. And that is just the fact of it all. No babysitter is going to change that. I hate saying that because I want to support all moms.

And I do.

My main point was, after all…damn if that photo doesn’t say everything about women trying to do it all these days. Let’s say no more. Say it with me…HELL NO! Or HELP — that’s a good word too.

And dads — step it up! If you believe in equal rights for women, then equally help them.

And please don’t call me the “ultimate multitasker.” I will kill you.

(H/T: Dallas Morning News)

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