Adrien Brody Defends Marilyn Monroe Flick ‘Blonde’ After Backlash

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Netflix’s Blonde has received some negative feedback from critics and fans alike, the overwhelming opinion seemingly being that Marilyn Monroe is viewed as troubled — and little else.

But that’s mostly by design, says Adrien Brody, who portrays Arthur Miller in the film.

“I think that since [the film is] told in this first-person perspective, it works somehow for the film to be a traumatic experience, because you’re inside of her — her journey and her longings and her isolation — amidst all of this adulation,” Brody told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s brave, and it takes a while to digest. And I think it’s in conflict with what the public’s perception of her life is.”

Blonde was directed by Andrew Dominik and features Ana de Armas as Monroe. It was produced by Plan B Entertainment, Brad Pitt’s production company. It is also based on the 2000 Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name.

Brody seems to think the movie does the book justice.

“Whether it’s an extreme depiction or not — it’s honoring the extreme chasm between the public’s perception of the fame and the glory of Hollywood’s most famous, iconic actor, and the reality of that individual, the loneliness and emptiness and mental turmoil and abuse of that individual,” Brody told THR.

“And so, therefore, I find that those … are all part of the storytelling, and I see where [Dominik] is going with it. It’s fearless filmmaking.”

Blonde is now streaming on Netflix.

Having been released Sept. 28 on the platform, critics have been tough on it. Not because of the acting, but because they don’t seem to like the way the story is told. Brody indicated that is their problem.

“I think Andrew is a beautifully brave director, and he’s someone I’ve longed to work with for many years. And I love what he’s done,” Brody said. “I think it’s a remarkable achievement, and he’s done it hand-in-hand with Joyce Carol Oates’ work, honoring the novel with this amazing adaptation that she endorses.”

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