Amy (Duggar) King Feels That She’s ‘Condoning’ Abuse if She Doesn’t Speak Out Against Her Family

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The TV personality is featured in the new docuseries Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. 

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Dragging it Into The Light

This four-part program looks into the debate surrounding the King family and their controversial religious organization, called the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

In the book, King wrote about the mistreatment of her cousins by the IBLP organization. The book also discussed the alleged inappropriate behavior of IBLP’s founder, Bill Gothard, towards minors within the church.

“I don’t think anyone really likes their skeletons coming out of the closet. And I could see why people are going to be a little more reserved than maybe they already are,” King shared with people. “But the IBLP is not biblical, and it is hurting so many people, that, if I don’t speak up, then I’m condoning it. And I can’t be that person, I refuse to be that person.”

“Everyone that was on the show that is speaking out, Jinger [Duggar Vuolo] and Jill [Duggar Dillard], God’s given us a platform. Whether we wanted it or not, here it is,” she added. “And how are we going to use this to get the word out that this is really damaging? IBLP is damaging and it hurts so many women, and it gives men power over the women that abuse it.”

Speaking Up


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King also added that “not every man” in the IBLP does this, that “it’s the men that think that they’re above the law and take it and run with it, and power goes to their heads and think that they’re above the law.”

“That’s really where we’re at in the documentary is that you see that, and it’s really sad and obviously, it’s heartbreaking to hear these survivor stories, but there’s also so much power in their stories,” she continued. “Watching the documentary, I was crying. I had huge tears in my eyes, and I was just like, ‘I can’t imagine growing up like that.’ But they’ve come from so much and they’re so strong now, and they’ve gotten therapy, and it’s good to show that there’s good that’s coming out of this.”

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