Avril Lavigne Tells Topless Woman to ‘Get The Fu*k Off Stage’

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We all know that more extreme factions of fans are prone to overstepping their boundaries. This particular incident is no different with one exception, this fanatic was not a fan.

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Avril Lavigne had to take care of an unruly protestor that jumped on stage without a top at the 2023 Juno Awards. The woman ran onto the stage with “SAVE THE GREEN BELT” written onto her back. She was apparently referencing a government development in Ontario that has been under scrutiny.

At first, Lavigne did not pay attention to the protestor, but then she quickly spun around and swung at her chest while shouting, “Get off me!” and again, “Get the f–ck off, bitch!”

A security guard stepped onto the stage and escorted the woman off. There are no details about whether or not she was removed from the venue.

The host of the event, Simu Liu, commended the punk rock star for “handling that topless lady like a champion.”

Lavigne accepted the Fan Choice Award that night. “Now nobody try anything this time. I’ll f–k a bitch up,” when she stepped on stage.

Closing Remarks

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A rep for the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences released a statement from Page Six, “The JUNO Awards is a celebration of Canadian music and the artists who make it. We take every step to avoid interruptions to our program, but there are always risks with live events and broadcasts.”

“We hope tonight’s brief disruption doesn’t take away from the accomplishments of this year’s performers, winners and nominees,” the rep added.

The 52nd Juno Awards was hosted at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, where The Weeknd won five awards and Nickelback was honored with a Canadian Music Hall of Fame induction.

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