Bob Odenkirk Followed an Instagram Account Dedicated to Feet and His Fans Love Him For It

The ‘Better Caul Saul’ actor appears to be fooling us with a foot fetish.

Twitter:@mcwexlercigs/ Bob Odenkirk attends the 2nd Annual HCA TV Awards Broadcast & Cable at The Beverly Hilton on August 13, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/FilmMagic)

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Is Better Caul Saul actor Bob Odenkirk is fooling us with a foot fetish?

The actor, whose Breaking Bad spinoff series just concluded on Monday, briefly followed @perfect_feet_in_sexy_shoes on Instagram. He then stopped on the same day that a Reddit user discovered it, Yahoo! News noted.

Fans of Bob Odenkirk, the acclaimed Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul actor, want to protect his right to follow what appears to be a foot fetish page on his official Instagram account.

The Better Call Saul Twitter account reportedly joked about the situation, telling viewers: “stay on your toes.”

Meanwhile, Carrie Wittmer, a culture writer and Odenkirk fan, explained to BuzzFeed News why she thinks he’s pulling the stunt.

Odenkirk is “famous, but not famous enough to think, maybe I need a finsta for the foot stuff or to have a PR team that would flag it,” she said.

Bob Odenkirk And His Comedy Feats (Feets?)

As it turns out, Odenkirk played a doctor obsessed with toes in a September 2014 episode of the dark comedy Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories. In a creepy alternate reality, the doctor snips off toes at the request of his patients after they say their toes are a nuisance.

What the doctor then does with the toes is even more shocking.

Bob Odenkirk is no stranger to dark comedy or pranks.

Most famously, he is one-half of Bob and David, his sketch comedy project with David Cross. The duo enjoyed a four-season stint on Mr. Show With Bob and David in the 1990s, then reprised the series on Netflix in late 2015 with a short season of the related program W/ Bob & David.

Moreover, Odenkirk usually has a stunt ready for his late-night appearances — especially Jimmy Kimmel Live! For example, earlier this week, he gave Al Franken a bunch of amusing questions for the guest host to read to him.

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