Bravo Team Has Major New Location When ‘SEAL Team’ Returns

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s no secret that Season 6 of SEAL Team is expected to feature a new location. But until star AJ Buckley took to Instagram, we didn’t know where that location may be.

Now, though, it seems we have an idea.

From the looks of things, the Bravo Team will be doing what they do best in the Middle East. Buckley, who portrays Sonny Quinn, showed himself wearing a baseball cap and baseball hat, calling the garb his “desert attire” on social media.

(AJ Buckley Instagram)

SEAL Team made the successful move from CBS to Paramount+ and is currently shooting the sixth season. It is believed the new location, specifically, is Jordan.

SEAL Team’s international production should bode well for the series’ future on Paramount+, as flying out the cast and crew will take some significant budgetary requirements to achieve,” wrote

Of course, right now, the cast is actually nowhere near the Middle East. It’s more like Los Angeles, where all the interior scenes are filmed. But based on Buckley’s obvious preparations, the SEALS will be heading overseas soon enough.

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