Brendan Fraser Says He Is Open to Fourth ‘Mummy’ Movie

Is Fraser’s comeback hot enough to lead to him starring in a new installment of the franchise?

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Videos by Rare

At this point, it seems to say that Brendan Fraser has officially made his comeback. Despite the cancellation — or at least tabling — of the Batgirl movie in which he was set to be the villain, Fraser is still riding many other highs.

But is Fraser’s return hot enough to fuel another installment of The Mummy starring him? The actor recently revealed that he might be up for it.

While Brendan Fraser told Variety that he doesn’t “know how it would work,” he also said he’d “be open to it if someone came up with the right conceit.”

He also chimed in on the 2017 reboot of The Mummy which turned out to be one of Tom Cruise’s rare box-office flops.

The Mummy Trailer

“It is hard to make that movie,” Fraser told Variety. “The ingredient that we had going for our Mummy, which I didn’t see in that film, was fun. That was what was lacking in that incarnation. It was too much of a straight-ahead horror movie. The Mummy should be a thrill ride, but not terrifying and scary.”  

He continued: “I know how difficult it is to pull it off. I tried to do it three times.”

Whether or not another Mummy with Brendan Fraser materializes, he seems poised for success in the near future at least.

He recently received a six-minute standing ovation at the Venice International Film Festival for his role in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale. Last year, he earned kudos for his performance in Steven Soderbergh’s No Sudden Move.

Also, Martin Scorsese corralled him as part of the ensemble cast for Killers of the Flower Moon. The Western crime drama film is currently in post-production and due for release next year.

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