Chrisley Prison Sentence Set To Start, Appeal Process Pending

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Videos by Rare

It appears that the appeals process for both Todd and Julie Chrisley could begin with both behind bars.

The convicted fraudsters are also the former stars of ‘Chrisley Knows Best’. In June, they were found guilty of tax fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Todd was sentenced to twelve years in prison for bank fraud and tax evasion. Julie was given seven for her involvement in the crimes. They also have and additional 16 months of probation following their jail time.

An order to appear has mandated that they report to prison in Florida on Jan. 17.

Musa Ghanayem is the family lawyer and he told PEOPLE that the appeals processes will stay the course. He also confirmed that the Chrisley’s will follow the sentencing orders. He added that there is hope another judge could release them and allow the process to continue.

“If some judge, at some point, chooses to grant an appellate bond where they can remain on bond while they are in the process of their appeal, that can be done as well,” he said. “But I’m not sure if the status of that exists or if it’s been requested, but that is a possibility.

“The legal process would be if a new trial was ordered, they’d have to go through the whole process again. If there was an issue that was incorrect, it can be sent back down to be correct. Typically, the appellate panel will make a decision, make a ruling, and sometimes send it back down to enforce that ruling.”

How did we get here?

Todd and Julie were initially charged with evading taxes and creating a conspiracy to defraud banks by making it appear that they were wealthier than they were. Authorities were first alerted to the fraud by a former employee. That man later would allege the he was also a former lover of Todd Chrisley and paid hush money to keep their relationship a secret.

Prosecutors then alleged that to continue the schemes Julie transferred ownership of “7C’s” to Nanny Faye. It gave a degree of separation and even when Faye testified, she did not recall much.

The couple is going to have to do more than just time behind bars to achieve restitution. It is going to cost them lots of money. The Chrisley’s are going have to sell their two properties in Nashville, worth a combined $9 million, after being ordered by the court to pay $17.2 million.

Lindsie told PEOPLE that process has changed her opinion of the justice system. Adding that she does not believe her family has been treated.

“I have always had faith in our criminal justice system,” she told the magazine. “But watching my parents and how all of this played out, this case completely destroyed any faith that I had in the criminal justice system.”

From accusations of gay lovers to Savannah defending her parents, Rare.US has been covering the Chrisley Trial. Check it out.

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