CNN Has Worst Ratings Week In 9 Years, Fox News Now Has Triple The Viewership

Fox News is winning the cable news network game against CNN and it isn’t close. 

The liberal cable news network featuring Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett just suffered its worst ratings week in nine years, pulling only 444,000 viewers in primetime during the week of January 16th, according to Nielsen ratings. 

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It was the first time since May of 2014 that the network was unable to hit 450,000 viewers, per a report from The Wrap.   

Compare that to Fox News, the conservative foil to CNN, who captured 1,400,000 viewers during the same time period, with a knockout primetime lineup led by Jesse Waters, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity.  

MSNBC, another liberal network anchored by Joy Reid and Chris Hayes, recorded 629,000 primetime viewers, meaning Fox News is comfortably outpacing CNN and MSNBC combined.

Conservative pundit Megyn Kelly, formerly a Fox News anchor who is now with Sirius, reacted calling the numbers a five alarm fire for CNN. 

One media executive said in September, that CNN is in such a deep hole, they may not be able to dig themselves out: “CNN is in a bad place. The ratings are down really dramatically year over year”, he continued, “I’m not sure the company understands how hard it is [to dig out].”

When CNN’s new CEO Chris Licht replaced Jeff Zucker at the end of last year, many thought the cratering news organization would come closer to the political center immediately, but Licht has been reluctant to change things too quickly, saying: “I can’t offend our core audience”.

Then just yesterday, it was widely reported that CNN will be bringing on Bill Maher, who will air his Overtime segment with the network on Friday nights. Maher has always been a liberal, and still considers himself a Democrat, but he has been sharply critical of many of the progressive left’s worst tendencies. 

Unlike many on the left, Maher is willing to engage with most anyone, having recently had on-air conversations with conservative personalities like Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire, Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report, and even Alex Marlow, the editor at Breitbart.  

Whether or not the stand up comedian and free speech advocate will be able to help reverse CNN’s sliding ratings, remains to be seen. 

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