‘1923’ Renewed for Season 2 at Paramount+

It’s official, we are getting another season! Paramount has officially renewed 1923, which currently Stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, for a second season. The news comes after the first season premiere became one of the most watched on Paramount + with over 7.4 million viewers.

 The second Yellowstone spin-off follows a new generation of the Dutton family which is led by Jacob (Ford) and wife Cara (Mirren)  as they face early 20th-century issues. This includes things such as pandemics, droughts, and the end of prohibition from the mountain areas.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In addition to Mirren and Ford,  the show also Stars Aminah Nieves, Michelle Randolph, Bandon Sklenar, Marley Shelton, James Badge Dale, Julia Schlaepfer and Jerome Flynn. Season 1 is set to continue its run on Sunday, February 5th with an all-new episode titled, “Ghost of Zerina.”

1923 | Mid-Season

Ahead of the season premiere back in December of 2022, the actress and her co-star spoke to Entertainment Tonight about what fans can expect about the spin-off and joining the Duttons. 

“I think of it more as being part of an investigation of American history,” Mirren stated. “The trials and the struggles and the adventures of this one family over many generations. And I think that’s sort of a brilliant way of looking at American history.”

Dale, who plays John Dutton Sr., Went on to offer a glimpse into what the Duttons were doing this time around. “I think this story is so beautiful. This family, they’re kind of like pirates. It’s a lawless time. People are trying to figure out who they are and what they represent and the story lives in that gray area,” Dale said. “It’s about men taking what other men have had and I think it’s brave, risky material.”

New episodes of 1923 debut Sundays on Paramount +. 

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