Watch: Actor Woody Harrelson’s Controversial SNL Monologue (Full Video)

Actor Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend. During his monologue, he made many statements about the COVID-19 pandemic that are causing uproar across the media.

Harrelson referred to companies like Pfizer and Moderna as ‘drug cartels’ who he claims used their influence over government and media to mandate their products.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

See that moment from Saturday Night below…

Harrelson can be quoted as saying…

The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes, and people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs and keep taking them over and over.”

Woody Harrelson on SNL

Afterwards, Harrelson claimed that he ‘threw away the script’ that he was supposed to read, instead choosing to rail against Big Pharma.

You can view the full monologue in the video below…

While members of the media continue to freak out over this speech, people across Social Media have been showing their support for Harrelson.

Some users even found a clip of Harrelson talking with Bill Maher on Maher’s podcast “Club Random”. He also spoke of Big Pharma in this interview.

See a video of that below…

One thing is for certain… Woody Harrelson, and many Americans for that matter, are no fans of Big Pharma.

What do you think?

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