Alison Brie Reveals What It’s Like Having Husband Dave Franco Direct Her Sex Scenes

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When Alison Brie and Dave Franco are on set, they apparently maintain a professional attitude. Brie recently discussed her experience working with her husband as the director for the spicy scenes with Jay Ellis in her latest film, Somebody I Used to Know.

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Although some couples might find it distressing to watch their partner engage in a situation like this with someone else, Brie and Franco approach it as just another part of their job.

“I realize that it sounds wild, but we are actors, this is our job,” the actress told Jezebel. “It’s actually not that weird. And with something like this, because it’s our baby that we made together, I think our first priority is always just the movie.”

“Does the scene feel right and good? We don’t want my romantic scenes with [costar Jay Ellis] to play awkwardly or strangely in any way.”

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The actress, stated she and her husband have “worked together enough now” to feel comfortable enough to go through sex scenes while in front of each other.

“The second movie that we did together ever, as actors, was Jeff Baena’s ‘The Little Hours,’ and in that movie, Dave has make-out or sex scenes with three other actors and me,” Brie stated. “So, I just feel like that was the ripping of the band-aid.”

In addition to The Little Hours, the couple has also starred together in The Disaster Artist, The Rental, and, Horse Girl.

In August 2015, Franco proposed to Brie with a rose-cut diamond ring by Irene Neuwirth, and the couple married in secret in 2017.

Recently, Brie shared details about how she and Franco work together in order to achieve the best possible performance in a scene. She described their “hands-on” approach, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “Dave’s at the computer while I pace the room, bouncing off the walls and trying to make dinner.”

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“Then I ask her what she would say in this scenario and she starts improvising and acting it out,” Franco chimed in, saying, “I write down every word that comes out of her mouth and we just kind of go back and forth in that way.”

The actress previously told People that she and her husband “usually do have some kind of conversation” before taking on a special project that requires a sex scene “just to give the other person a heads-up.”

“You don’t want to blindside anyone, I think, with that information,” she stated. “But at the same time, it’s a part of our job. It’s a strange part, and I can see how to the outside eye [it might come off].”

“We’re all professionals and when we’re in character, it’s its own thing,” she added, “It’s like we work in this strange job that just requires ultimate vulnerability at a moment’s notice. It’s just what we signed up for.”

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