Amber Heard Appeals $10M Johnny Dep Defamation Verdict

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For Amber Heard, there may be no end to her loss in the eyes of public opinion. Though she’s still holding out hope that her loss in court can be overturned.

Heard was ordered to pay $10 million as a result of the defamation trial vs. ex-husband Johnny Depp. A trial that dominated the pop culture headlines for a good two or three months. Depp emerged as anyone’s favorite actor. Heard, something quite different.

Now, Heard and her lawyers are appealing the case in Virginia courts, as relayed by Deadline.

“The trial court erroneously refused to dismiss this action on the ground of forum non conveniens, based on its mistaken conclusion that Depp’s claims arose in Virginia because the Washington Post’s servers are located here,” said Jay Ward Brown and David L. Axelrod in the appeal. “The trial court also erred in overruling Heard’s demurrer, in which she argued that the challenged statements are non-actionable expressions of opinion and are not reasonably capable of conveying the alleged defamatory implication.”

Amber Heard Appeals $10M Johnny Dep Defamation Verdict

For most of us, that’s a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. But just know there is plenty more where that came from.

In short, Heard isn’t going to let go of the previous verdict easily. Still, some are of the theory that she could be paying Depp what she is paying lawyers and just put the whole thing to rest. Clearly, that’s not her style.

“This case also should never have gone to trial because another court had already concluded that Depp abused Heard on multiple occasions,” the appeal reads. “After Depp filed this case, the United Kingdom High Court of Justice ruled in a separate defamation action brought by Depp that Heard’s abuse allegations were true.

“The trial court should have given preclusive effect to that 129-page decision, which followed a three-week trial at which Depp, Heard, and 24 other witnesses testified.”

In other words, Heard wants to be heard — again. Odds are, this will go the same as her last appeals, and fall silent, though.

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