Meet Amy Schumer’s Hot Husband, Chris Fischer

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Amy Schumer did what every woman dreams of: she landed a hot chef. Her husband Chris Fischer is a professional cook and farmer from Martha’s Vineyard. He’s also a constant inspiration to Schumer’s evolving stand-up.

Starting a Family

Amy Schumer made a name for herself by leaning into one-night-stand stories and a self-proclaimed slutty image. After finding fame on Last Comic Standing in 2007, Schumer earned her own Comedy Central sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer which interspersed stand-up bits with raunchy skits and personal interviews. The show was a hit and, as the title suggests, Schumer’s style was up-close and personal.

Her successful memoir The Girl with the Lowe Back Tattoo and rom-com Trainwreck further solidified that comedic voice and by the time Inside Amy Schumer ended in 2016, Schumer was a certifiable mainstream star. So, knowing her typical humor, many fans were surprised when Schumer settled down in 2018 — with Chris Fischer. 

Fischer was the brother of Schumer’s personal assistant Molly and was invited to cook for Schumer at her vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard. Fischer grew up there on his family’s farm, the Beetlebung Farm, which he now runs. Schumer and Fischer hit it off, and he proposed after just months of dating.

The two were married in Malibu on February 12, 2018. The following year, Schumer gave birth to their son, Gene Fischer. The 2020 documentary Expecting Amy chronicles that difficult pregnancy; Schumer had her uterus removed in 2021.

An Autism Diagnosis

Just because Amy Schumer coupled up does not mean that her comedy cooled down. As edgy as ever, Schumer continues to mine her personal life for jokes — often at Chris Fischer’s expense! Schumer doesn’t hold back when describing his personality and there’s one quirk that she discusses often: Fischer’s autism. Her husband was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in 2019.

Schumer first revealed the diagnosis shortly after, in her 2019 Netflix special, and it remained a major topic in her recent Saturday Night Live monologue. Schumer hosted the show for the third time on November 5 and spent the bulk of her opening speech talking about Fischer… from his tendencies on the spectrum to their post-baby sex life. Watch the entire clip above.

“It’s been really positive for our family to have him diagnosed [with autism]. I understand so much more about his behavior, and it’s given him so many tools. Now, if somebody is in the middle of a long, boring story, he will straight up just walk away.”

— Amy Schumer on SNL

‘Amy Schumer Learns to Cook’

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer collaborated on an eight-episode cooking show, Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, in 2020. It premiered on the Food Network and featured Schumer — out of her element in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Fischer is a total pro. He’s worked under Mario Batali in Manhattan, at a culinary institute in Rome, and at the esteemed River Cafe in London and his cookbook, Beetlebung Farm Cookbook: A Year of Cooking on Martha’s Vineyard won the James Beard award in 2016. Fischer is a real-deal, fancy chef! And watching him struggle with Schumer is hysterical. But at least she can make cocktails!

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook is a very casual, very cute, height-pandemic production. An uncensored version is now streaming on Discovery+.

‘Life and Beth’

Chris Fischer’s influence on Amy Schumer’s work is manifold. In addition to the cooking show and the countless stand-up jokes, their story is reflected somewhat directly in Schumer’s recent Hulu series, Life and Beth. Stepping back from her usual bawdiness, Schumer plays Beth, a quiet and anxious wine rep who meets a vineyard farmer in Long Island: John, played by Michael Cera. Though charming, John is socially awkward and exhibits behavior that reads as autistic. He and Beth fall in love.

Sound familiar?

Life and Beth is a quieter, more serious look at themes that are familiar to Schumer — family, sex, confidence — making it a unique addition to her very public portrait. However, Schumer maintains that it’s primarily fictional.

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