‘Arachnophobia’ Remake Lands Major Name To Project

If you like a good scare and can’t handle the thought of a spider dangling onto you while enjoying your morning shower. Then you should watch the 1990 film Arachnophobia

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If you’ve already seen the film and are numb to the fright of 100s of spiders crawling all over you. Then perhaps this upcoming remake is for you.  Amblin entertainment has decided to back a story line updated with extra terror. 

Writer and director Christopher Landon has presented some of the scariest of horror in the past decades,. Three of the several paranormal activity movies under his belt.  These movies are said to have moved the horror industry out of the grotesque and into a new age of never-ending demonic suspense.

The original spider film was equal comedy to horror with John Goodman and Jeff Daniels in starring roles and Big Bob the spider as the lead protagonist. Will this version play on the notion that torment should be sweetened with a little humor? 

Landon has proven his skill at balancing laughter and fear himself. With Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2 tapping the comedy of the 1980’s.  His most recent boast is 2020’s Freaky, where a teenage girl swaps bodies with a serial killer and only has 24 hours to set things straight before her body is forever possessed by a killer.

The original filmmakers made sure to look out for the wellbeing of its scariest cast members, no spiders were harmed.  And great lengths were taken to make the murderous squashing of spiders look as real as possible. 

Of the film’s producers, James Wan and Michael Clear, have equally notable credibility in the horror genre.  We hope this version will scare us while maintaining the humor of the original Arachnophobia. All of course, while protecting the innocent spiders.

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