Arnold Schwarzenegger Honors Clint Eastwood on His 93rd Birthday: ‘Heroes Don’t Retire’

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has honored fellow iconic action star Clint Eastwood online in celebration of the actor and filmmaker’s 93rd birthday. Earlier Wednesday, Schwarzenegger uploaded a photo to Instagram that featured the former governor and the Gran Torino star posing together during a ski trip.

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The birthday photo is accompanied by the caption, “Happy birthday, Clint! You’ve inspired me, you’ve mentored me, and you’re a wonderful friend. At 93, you prove that heroes don’t retire – they reload. You’re a legend.” Schwarzenegger initially posted the same photo to Instagram in 2019, that time with the caption, “Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.” During a 2013 interview with Reuters, Schwarzenegger stated that Eastwood “is a big idol of mine and I always like to learn from him.”

The Legacy of Clint Eastwood

Eastwood has starred in many classic films including A Fistful of Dollars, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Dirty Harry, and Play Misty For Me. In modern times, Eastwood has directed and starred in the films The Mule and most recently, Cry Macho.

In 2021, while speaking with the Los Angeles Times about the future of his acting career, Eastwood said, “What the hell am I still working for in my 90s? Are people going to start throwing tomatoes at you? I’ve gotten to the point where I wondered if that was enough, but not to the point where I decided it was. If you roll out a few turkeys, they’ll tell you soon enough.”

While Eastwood seems to think his time in front of the camera may be up, he definitely feels differently about being behind it. He said, “If something comes along where the story itself, the telling of it, is fun, I’m open to it. The whole point of directing was something you can do as an older guy.”

Eastwood has eight children, with the oldest being 69-year-old Laurie Murray. Clint’s son Scott Eastwood has a promising acting career of his own, having starred in 2016’s Suicide Squad and most recently, Fast X.

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