Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Seeing His Daughter Katherine Become a Mother


On Monday, the actor, 75, attended the premiere of his new Netflix series, Fubar. He shared his feelings about watching his daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger, become a mother.

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A Father’s Lens

“It’s nice to see your kids having kids themselves and to watch this new dimension,” he shared, “You see them growing up and you see them going to school and getting smart and getting their degrees, getting their jobs and all this, but now seeing them be a parent? It’s fantastic. It’s really great.”

He continued to talk about how much he enjoys time with his daughter and the kids. “I just love when she [Katherine] comes over to my house or when I go over there, but most of the time she comes to my house because I have all the animals,” he said, “The grandchildren love the animals. I have a pig so now they want to come over there and feed the pig all the time, hang out with the little pig.” 

“It’s really fun to watch and hang out with her now and to see the way she’ll react to the kids because she is so great with them,” he continued.

Arnold Schwarzenegger opened up about his divorce from Maria Shriver in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He described the split as “very difficult” and accepted the blame for it, calling it “my failure”.

In Real Life

He joked about the similarities between himself and his character in Fubar. A character that is going through marital hardships as well.

“We were laughing about it — it feels like it’s a documentary,” he added. “The difference is, in the show, he doesn’t consider it cheating because [seducing CIA assets] was part of his profession. His wife moved on because he never was home, and now he has this dilemma with the daughter because she has the same job and it’s going to screw up her relationship, too. But in [my real-life marriage to Shriver], it was my f— up. It was my failure. Also, in the show, he’s deep down still in love with his wife.”

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