Ben Affleck is Going Viral For Looking ‘Miserably Bored’ at the Grammys

Big yikes, Ben Affleck is going viral on social media after he appeared to look insanely bored at the 65th Grammy Award ceremony alongside Jennifer Lopez. The singer surprised everyone with her appearance at the 2023 Grammy Awards last night where she presented the very first award. Although JLO didn’t walk the red carpet, she was on camera quite a lot thanks for being in the front row with her new hubby, who clearly looked like he did not want to be there.

But still, he tried his best to dance with his wife and look engaged while cameras were pinpointing at him 24/7. Honestly, we have to give it to the cameraman because you know that they were doing this on purpose.  Affleck was on-screen way too much, the least he could have done was pretend and smile here and there. but no, he didn’t, he just looked bored, with a neutral smile.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

You Good, Benny?

 As expected, fans on Twitter went insane, because the faces the actor pulled off were just ridiculous. “Hello Darkness My Old Friend” Ben Affleck is back😭. JLO, run girl. #Grammys,” one user noted.

“Someone got Ben Affleck a cigarette and a dunkin coffee stat,” another joked. 

“Just remember, nothing is as bad as it looks like Ben Affleck feels at the Grammys,” another tweeted. 

“We got Bennifer on the #Grammys audience cam and tbh I expected to see a double-cupped large iced regulah Dunkin on the table,” one tweeted. “Maybe J-Lo made him put it on the floor or leave it in the limo? No way Ben Affleck is getting through this day w/o dunkies.”

The number of comments like this go on and on, because well, it’s visibly painful to watch him be miserable while everyone in the room is having fun.

Twitter Reacts

 Of course, the coffee tweets come from his love of Dunkin’ Donuts, after he’s been photographed over time holding cups of Duncan coffee. Apparently, in 2019 he even confessed that he drinks Dunkin’ coffee every single day.

The Grammys marked the first time that the couple have made an appearance at the Grammys together. They first began dating in the early 2000s, quickly getting engaged in 2003 and splitting up in 2004. They later united 20 years later and got married in 2022. 

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