Bette Midler Reacts to Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential Campaign Announcement: ‘May He Rot’

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Bette Midler has taken to Twitter once again to voice some strong opinions. This time, it’s about Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign announcement. Midler is pissed, and she’s not afraid to let the world know.

Bette Midler Isn’t Keen on Trump or MAGA

The outspoken Hocus Pocus actress has been known to unabashedly bash people and policies that don’t sit well with her. While Bette Midler’s views don’t quite fit into any one political ideology, she’s made one thing clear: she does not like Trump or anyone close to him.

During Trump’s presidential bid announcement last week, Midler jumped online and started tweeting away. Trump was giving a speech from his home, Mar-a-Lago.

“Ugh. Piggy is speaking,” she wrote. Five minutes later, she added, “#Trumpto (sic) you. He’s giving the same speech he gave in 2016. After a two year pandemic, and a million American lives lost, the rest of us have moved on. He is ossified. May he rot.”

“Excuse me. I’m going to be sick,” Midler typed. She followed that up with, “He just handed us two more years of his #delusions and #drivel. #unbearable.”

Midler finished up her tweet storm with a stab at Trump’s new campaign slogan (Make America Glorious and Great Again).

“IT’S OFFICIAL! The new name for its campaign is MAGAGA! Congratulations to whoever got there first, let’s take it all the way!! #MAGAGA”

Midler Has a Long History of Twitter Bashing Trump & Co.

One of Bette Midler’s favorite people to hate is definitely Trump. During the Democratic National Convention, she tweeted her support for Biden. Shortly after, she wrote, “F*** YOU, #TRUMP! You’ll never get close to that speech, you miserable toad!”

Just days later, the Stepford Wives star was online again. This time, she was pointing the yard stick at Melania Trump. In her usual brazen and half-thinking fashion, Midler was trying to bring attention to white American hegemony and racism by, well, using slurs in the same vein.

“beBest is back! A UGE bore! She can speak several words in a few languages. Get that illegal alien off the stage!” she wrote on Twitter. Midler followed that with, “Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.”

Midler also added that “#Melania took all the color out of the #RoseGarden but Don tried his utmost to bring some back with that greasy bronzer!” As well as “I’m surprised Trump wants to destroy the #PostOffice. He got all his wives from it.”

But that first tweet about Melania and not speaking English got Midler in a bit of trouble. As people were questioning Midler’s rhetoric, she at first defended herself.

“Why not?” wrote Midler. “Just give them a taste of their own immigrant-bashing medicine. I guess they’re not keen.”

Four hours later, she apologized, clarifying that she really had nothing against immigrants and people who speak different languages.

“Well, all hell has broken loose because I said Melania ‘still can’t speak English’ last night,” she tweeted. “I was wrong to make fun of her accent. America is made up people who speak with all kinds of accents, and they are all welcomed always.”

Bette Once Told Kayleigh McEnany to “Go F*** Herself”

A few months later, Bette Midler told Donald Trump’s spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany to “Go F*ck [Herself].” It was just weeks after the presidential election. So much has happened that it can be easy to forget, but in case you’ve forgotten, there was a lot of disagreement surrounding certain counties’ vote certifications at the time. Specifically, Michigan’s Wayne County Board of Canvassers had declined to certify their portion of the election.

“After presenting 234 pages of sworn affidavits raising allegations of fraud in Wayne County, Michigan voting, the Wayne County Board of Canvassers has DECLINED to certify their portion of the Michigan vote. Joining @seanhannity with more at 9:00 pm ET!” tweeted McEnany.

“With all due respect, Kayleigh, go fuck yourself,” wrote Midler. “IMHO, Harvard has a lot to answer for.”

“Bad Take Bette” Has No Filter

Despite Bette Midler’s contempt for all things Trump, her Twitter rants aren’t quite as “left-oriented” as you might think. There is no method and most likely, she doesn’t really know what she’s doing beyond voicing her immediate opinions. You know, without those filter gadgets that our brains are supposed to come with.

This past summer, Midler said something that got in her some serious hot water — with progressives. For once, it was actually Republicans who were siding with her. Midler had taken to Twitter to speak out against trans-inclusive language that, in her mind, “erased” women.

“WOMEN OF THE WORLD!” she wrote. “We are being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even of our name! They don’t call us ‘women’ anymore; they call us ‘birthing people’ or ‘menstruators’, and even ‘people with vaginas’! Don’t let them erase you! Every human on earth owes you!”

That Last Tweet Turned Progressives Against Bette, Republicans Were On Her Side

The tweet turned LGBTQ activists and feminists against Midler. She was henceforth nicknamed “Bad Take Bette.”

And, ironically, people like Harmeet K. Dhillon, the Chair of The Republican National Lawyers Association, applauded Midler.

“Even a broken [clock emoji],” tweeted Dhillon, implying that every now and then, it’s possible for people of different opinions to meet in the middle.

Midler later clarified her intentions, stating that she was actually inspired to write her tweet after reading a New York Times opinion piece. She linked the article, “The Far Right and Far Left Agree on One Thing: Women Don’t Count.”

With that, she tweeted, “PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! My tweet about women was a response to this fascinating and well written piece in the NYT on July 3rd. There was no intention of anything exclusionary or transphobic in what I said;  it wasn’t about that.”

But if you’re waiting for an apology to Mr. Trump, don’t hold your breath. Midler most likely has more to come.

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