Britney Spears Posts Another Nude, The World Reacts

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Videos by Rare

If it weren’t for Britney Spears, would we really have anything to talk about, really?

Just when we start to remember Britney as a pop singer, it seems, she always reminds us that she can be so much more. For instance, her Instagram page has started to make her more well-known on Instagram than her many musical accomplishments.

And if not, Instagram has become a very close second — especially if Britney continues to post pictures of herself (almost) fully naked, or at least as naked as Instagram will allow.

And oops, Britney did it again, posting a picture of herself in a bathtub with a caption that began, “I like to suck.”

Britney Spears Posts Another Nude

For whatever reason, Spears has been showing up nude more often these days. Actually, the reason is her Instagram account. As OutKick’s Anthony Farris relayed: “Throughout 2022 the Baby One More Time singer has been nude on a boat (OK, it was topless, but, semantics…), in a hotel room, in the pool and in front of windows.”

Of course, not everyone is a fan of Britney’s decision to bare all these days.

“Wtf You have a very strained relationship with your children who have expressed in no uncertain terms how these type of posts upset/humiliate them and yet you still do it and you wonder why they want nothing to do with you,” read one comment under the post, “put some clothes on, get off social media and go be a decent mother ffs! This is both sad and pathetic and those who support it need to give their head a wobble.”

Another was equally judgmental.

“And this is why she had a conservatorship for so many years!” the comment read. “I am sorry but as a mother this is completely absurd behavior.”

Spears, whose heyday as an entertainer is now more than a decade old (some may say even two decades), turns 41-years-old on Dec. 2.

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