Celine Dion Reveals Rare Neurological Disorder Diagnosis, Cancels 2023 Tour

The singer released a tearjerking video on Instagram and overhauled her 2023 tour plans.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Celine Dion became the bestselling Canadian recording artist ever on the strength of her inspirational songs. But on Thursday, she revealed devastating news about her health.

In a tearjerking announcement on Instagram, Dion imparted in a video that she is suffering from a rare neurological disorder diagnosis.

“I’ve been dealing with problems with my health for a long time,” she said.

Dion further explained why she waited until now to let fans know about her health issue.

“It’s been really difficult for me to face these challenges and to talk about everything that I’ve been going through,” she said. “It hurts me to tell you that I won’t be ready to restart my tour in Europe in February.”

Dion’s website posted major changes to her 2023 tour schedule, as a result of her health condition. She moved her previously planned spring 2023 tour dates to the following year and canceled her summer 2023 performances altogether.

Dion’s Diagnosis Came Out of the Blue for Fans

The news is startling, to say the least.

Just yesterday, Dion unveiled a new studio session on Instagram. The video features her performing “Miles to Go (Before I Sleep),” a song from her Let’s Talk About Love LP that she previously released as a single in Canada only.

That post didn’t mention her illness, and she appeared to be in great health and good spirits.

On top of that, just one month ago wrote on her Facebook profile that she will appear on the big screen in a new romcom due next year. The untouchable Canadian chanteuse also noted that she’s crafting music to accompany the film.

“See you at the movies!” she wrote. “Celine is starring alongside Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan and releasing new music for the romantic comedy LOVE AGAIN (new title!) coming to movie theaters MAY 12 (new date!). – Team Celine.”

It’s unclear whether those plans are still intact.

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