Chef Featured on Gordon Ramsay’s ’24 Hours To Hell & Back’ Left Homeless After Failed Restaurant

Ramsay’s cooking show ‘24 Hours To Hell & Back’ features failing restaurants that receive some TLC from the celebrity chef. His Hell On Wheels semi-truck containing a fully-functional kitchen is parked on the restaurant’s property where the chef’s skills are enhanced.

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Something On The Rise

In the first season of the show, Ramsay visited The Brownstone Bistro in Los Angeles headed by Clive Jackson. Since then, tragedy has struck the life of the chef and he is currently in financial hardship that has left him homeless.

The restaurant went under just a few months after the episode aired. He lost his home shortly after. These details were obtained from the GoFundMe page that was created by his friend Lizzy Calhoun.

When The Brownstone Bistro was open for business, the menu was filled with Caribbean-inspired soul food. Ramsay came to the rescue when Jackson, 56, requested his services with gaining more customers.

When Help Is Needed Most

GoFund Me

In the episode, Jackson revealed to Ramsay that he began his restaurant business after the heartbreaking murder of his son, Clive Jr.

In a review of the restaurant, Ramsay concluded that Jackson’s customer issues were due to the condition of the establishment and the work ethic of his employees. With Ramsay’s help, Jackson was able to revamp the look and feel of the restaurant with a few new pieces of furniture and an updated menu.

The staff was also revitalized and learned some skills for working together as a team. According to the GoFundMe information, the changes weren’t enough. He’s been homeless on Skid Row for the past few years. All contributions can be made on the funding submission page.

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