Chelsea Handler Hilariously Admits She Got a Nun to Smoke Weed For The First Time

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Comedian and six-time New York Times bestselling author Chelsea Handler loves two things: weed and skiing. In a recent appearance on the Jennifer Hudson show, she talked about getting nun high for the first time. Then she talked about her plans to go skiing topless at Whistler. “I don’t want to be a bad influence on people. I mean, I do, but I can get by without doing that.”

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Chelsea Handler Got a Nun High and the Nun Thanked Her Later

When Hudson revealed that she’d never smoked pot or had a drink in her life, Handler was shocked.

“Why? What about a joint? Have you ever had a joint?” Handler asked.

“Nothing, and no one ever believes it,” Hudson said, adding that she doesn’t have anything against people who smoke.

“Yeah, I don’t know what your plan is,” said the comedian.

Hudson seemed pretty cool with her sobriety plan to be honest. But she did inquire about a rumor that Chelsea Handler had once smoked up a nun.

“I got a nun high. Yeah, that’s true,” she said. “We were filming something, and I was like, ‘Listen, you know, nuns get a bad rap because they’re not fun.’ Not that everybody who doesn’t do drugs is not fun. I respect the fact… that’s good. Good for you. Everybody should do their own thing.”

“I don’t want to be a bad influence on people. You know, I do, but I can get by without doing that,” Handler continued. “But yeah, I got a nun to smoke weed. And she was so funny when she was high, as so many people are.”

It turns out that the nun sent Handler an email months after.

“I’ve just got to tell you, I feel like I’ve loosened up since I met you,” the nun wrote.

“I said ‘Sister, that is all I am looking to do,’” said Handler. “I just want people to enjoy and relax. If you can relax and enjoy yourself without alcohol or drugs, great. Good for you. I can’t.”

Handler’s Going to Ski Topless (Again) For Her 48th Birthday

If you think a world-famous comedian getting a nun high for the first time is naughty, it gets worse… or better, however you want to look at it. Chelsea Handler explained that one her favorite pastimes is skiing. And every year, on her birthday (coming up on February 25), she films a video of herself skiing topless.

Hudson then showed a clip of Handler wearing blue bikini bottoms and carving down a hill while sipping a margarita. In the other hand she was holding a joint. She kept things safe though, wearing a helmet that had Canadian and American flags flying out the top.

Handler’s mountain of choice is Whistler, B.C., known for its extensive trails and steep features. She revealed that she has a personal challenge of one-upping herself every year. So, this year, she thought she might carry a dog in a baby carrier or ski down some moguls.

“We haven’t decided, but I’m going to the airport, and I’m going to go film my birthday video. And then it will be on Instagram moments later,” she said. “That’s how I celebrate. Because I mean, I’m going to be 48 and after a while it’s like, birthdays, I don’t care. I’ve had all these big birthday parties. I like to ski. My three passions are reading books, smoking pot, and skiing.”

Chelsea Handler Wants to Legalize It

Indeed, Handler is a big proponent of the cannabis industry. She prefers to wake and bake rather than drink coffee. She’s photographed herself in front of massive weed grow operations.

“Doing my due diligence on weed grows so I know how I can best help spread the word. Weed is fun again and in controlled doses. I’m into it big time,” wrote the comedian on Instagram. That was five years ago. She’s since partnered with THC- and CBD- infused beverage company Leisuretown and spoken about drinking cannabis drinks in lieu of alcohol or smoking.

“You’re going to feel relaxed immediately. And you understand it’s a controlled substance,” she told Forbes’ Javier Hasse. “I feel like we’re in the Wild West still with cannabis, even though we’re making so many inroads and there are so many great things happening, like decriminalization and the pardoning of people convicted of using cannabis and carrying it. “I feel like drinking it is the most controlled way to ingest it.”

In January 2021, Handler debuted a personally curated gift kit of all her favorite cannabis

 products to support President Biden’s Inauguration. The “America is Back” kit donated all of its proceeds to a cannabis reform nonprofit called Cage Free Repair. The $85 collection came with a hemp tote and included edibles, cannabis soda, pre-rolled joints, and branded lighters. “Feeling good has never felt so good,” said Handler.

Perhaps Chelsea Handler is a bad influence, or maybe she’s a revolutionary. Either way, the woman knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to express that. And if you’re curious to see her do all the things she likes at the same time — sans reading a book — here it is: She skied in a pot leaf bikini a year ago while holding a jar of weed in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other.

Skip the Ski Poles: Handler Just Needs Weed and Vodka

“I just found out that due to popular demand we are adding a SECOND Los Angeles show on May 5th. To celebrate, I thought why not ski through the woods, and then found a mason jar of weed and my favorite vodka!” she wrote. “Who knows how this got here but you can get yourself to my LA show on presale now with code: HORNY on”

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