Inside Cher’s Cougar Dating History

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Videos by Rare

Cher is turning back time with a hot new beaux: Alexander Edwards. He is 36 years old.

The two were spotted holding hands at Craig’s, a trendy West Hollywood restaurant where they dined with the rapper Tyga… making Edwards the latest in a long line of hot young boyfriends.

Cher and AE via Today

Alexander “AE” Edwards

Amber Rose and AE via Page Six

Alexander Edwards, called “AE,” is most well known for being Amber Rose’s ex. The music-video-girl-turned-model found mainstream fame when she began dating Kanye West in 2008. Rose then married the rapper Wiz Khalifa in 2013 and, after their split, struck up a romance with Edwards: a Def Jam record label executive. In 2019, Rose gave birth to their son Slash.

But drama soon followed.

In August of 2021, Amber Rose hit out at Edwards in her Instagram story, publicly accusing him of cheating on her with 12 different women. 12! “All 12 of y’all bums (The ones that I know of there’s probably more) can have him. Y’all very much knew he was in a relationship with a baby and y’all decided to f–k him anyway,” she wrote at the time. “I’m tired of getting cheated on and being embarrassed behind the scenes.”

Edwards did not try to deny it. After Rose roasted him, he confirmed the cheating rumors in a subsequent interview with Big Von saying, “I got caught… And she’s just had enough, obviously.” Though Edwards said he loves rose and their son, he called cheating is his “true nature.” Yikes.

Edwards even added that when it comes to relationships, he wants to “have his cake and eat it too.” He shot down the idea of an open relationship with Rose, saying he doesn’t want to stay home with the kids while she goes out on dates. Double yikes.

How is this all going to go over with the Goddess of Pop?

Apparently, Edwards and Cher met at Paris fashion week where the 76-year-old pop star made quite the entrance in a sexy latex catsuit. Cher stole the show — and Edwards’ heart.

It’s Confirmed

In classic Cher fashion, she confirmed the news with some semi-elusive tweets. On November 4, she tweeted saying, “LOVE DOESN’T KNOW MATH.” And on November 6, a blurry, zoomed-in crop of the music exec’s face with a caption reading “Alexander ❤️.” Cher followed that up with another tweet acknowledging their age gap:

“I’m Not Defending us.Haters are Gonna Hate…Doesn’ Matter That we’re Happy & Not Bothering Anyone”

— Cher

She also replied to a fan on Twitter saying: “I DONT GIVE A F*K WHAT ANYONE THINKS.”

Cher’s History with Young Men

Cher and Rob Camilletti via KS95

Clearly, AE is not a very faithful boyfriend. But Cher can probably handle it — the icon dated plenty of wild young men over the years:

Les Dudek

The guitarist Les Dudek is technically only six years younger than Cher, but it was the beginning of a lifelong trend. They dated from 1979 to 1982, and he contributed music to the Cher movie Mask.

Ron Duguay

Following the breakup with Dudek, Cher dated hockey player Ron Duguay — the so-called “Romeo of the Rink.” He is 11 years younger than Cher, and they were together for just a month.

Val Kilmer

Cher was very in love with Val Kilmer, who is 13 years her junior. They met at her birthday party, thrown by Meryl Streep, in 1981 and were on-and-off until 1985. “Val is terrific but sometimes it’s just too intense and hot,” she said at the time to People. In 2021, Cher opened up more about the relationship in an essay for People. She said she still loves Kilmer and they are still good friends.

She also explained her proclivity for younger men:

“The truth was if I hadn’t gone out with younger men, I would have never had a date. Younger men weren’t intimidated by older women. But older men in my age category, they weren’t having it.”

— Cher in People via Yahoo!

Tom Cruise

After Kilmer, Cher struck up a romance with his Top Gun co-star… Tom Cruise. He is 16 years Cher’s junior. And though the pair didn’t date long, Cher later told Andy Cohen that Cruise is in her top five lovers.

Rob Camilletti

The bagel boy!!! It was this hot-and-heavy romance that confirmed Cher’s reputation as a cougar in 1986. She met the 22-year-old bagel baker while out celebrating her 40th birthday. They dated for three years — and were scrutinized by tabloids all the while. In 2018, she told the Daily Mail that he is “possibly the one true love of my life.”

Richie Sambora

The Bon Jovi rocker is 14 years younger than Cher, and they dated from 1989 to 1990 after Sambora produced Cher’s self-titled album.

Ron Zimmerman

Cher fell for the TV and comic writer Ron Zimmerman after meeting on Facebook. Though he was not Cher’s usual type — she once described him as “short, a bit scraggly, like an absent-minded professor” — he was 12 years younger than the singer. They dated for a year in 2010, and Cher called him “the funniest person you ever met.” Sadly, Zimmerman died this year at age 64.

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