Chloe Fineman Opens Up About ‘Charming’ Pete Davidson

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Pete Davidson has got something going for him, that is undeniable. It seems that every woman on the planet has opened up about how cute or charming he is. The latest is Saturday Night Live regular Chloe Fineman.

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Chloe Fineman Called Pete Davidson “Deeply Charming”

At the 2022 American Museum of Natural History Gala last week, Fineman spoke with Page Six about Davidson. “I’ve worked and chatted with him,” she said. “I find him deeply charming. And I remember my first year [on Saturday Night Live], going to all my girlfriends and being like, ‘I get it.’” She added that she has “friends who have dated” Davidson and they “report back nice things.”

What are those nice things? The buzz surrounding Pete Davidson is enough to wonder if he has a vibrator for a weewee or, perhaps, a magical flying carpet? He’s dated drop-dead gorgeous A-listers and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Phoebe Dynevor, Larry David’s daughter, Margaret Qualley, Kaia Gerber, Kate Beckinsale, and most recently, Emily Ratajkowski. Davidson and Ariana Grande were actually engaged at one point.

Pete Davidson Thinks He’s Charming Because He’s Honest

Pete Davidson claims his romantic appeal abounds due to his candid honesty.

“I am just very, very honest,” he said on The Breakfast Club podcast.

I think what a lot of people do is they try to put on a version of themselves that they would like to be. Eventually that will unravel. So, I just, off the top I’m like, ‘Hey, I’m nuts. Here’s all my issues… Here’s the therapist. This is what happens.’ And that could either be a lot for someone, or they could be like, ‘Cool, that’s really refreshingly honest.’ Or sometimes it can be a little intense and weird, and people can’t handle that stuff.

Pete Davidson, Speaking to The Breakfast Club About His Appeal

Even Martha Stewart has doted on Pete Davidson. While on Drew Barrymore’s show, Stewart called Davidson “cute” and “a good guy” who “knows how to get in and get out.” She added that she would go on a date with him, although she added that she doesn’t have much time. It was all during a game of “Red Flag, Green Flag, Yellow Flag,” which Barrymore had seemingly set up in response to the internet’s pleas for Stewart and Davidson to date.

At one point, Martha Stewart had been blamed for Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s break up, after the three of them were seen leaving the White House Correspondent’s Dinner together and all but Kardashian were holding hands… Hmmmm….

Martha Stewart isn’t the only woman that the internet has wanted Pete Davidson to date. Just last month, social media was abuzz with the idea of Gisele Bündchen being his next lady. That was in the midst of a rumor that the supermodel and husband Tom Brady may be headed for divorce. That rumor was proven true and the two announced their divorce shortly after.

Howard Stern Called Pete “A Bee” That “Only Pollinates”

Howard Stern, who predicted Pete Davidson’s most recent relationship with Emily Ratajkowski before it was official, called the SNL actor a “pollinating bee.” Stern and Robin Quivers were discussing the fact that Davidson keeps scoring high-profile relationships with famous women.

“This dude is living the dream,” Stern said. “And you know you can get a little bit jealous and go, ‘Why him?’ bah-bah-bah. He’s a funny dude, he’s famous, he’s got big d— energy — everyone knows about his big c—.”

Honestly, I don’t think it’s just the girth. I think it’s a vibrating c—. But that’s just me.

“Famous women are like a drug,” Stern continued. “…But at some point, if he f—s so many [famous] women … this guy’s gonna start getting the reputation that … he’s like a bee: He only pollinates, then goes. Pollinates, then goes.”

Well, it seems that Chloe Fineman isn’t going to be dating Pete Davidson any time soon. He’s hanging with Ratajkowski. For now.

Fineman Has a Boyfriend, FYI

Also, Fineman reportedly has a boyfriend of her own these days. Page Six referenced that boyfriend while quoting the comedian about going to an AMC theater with him. Fineman had recently parodied Nicole Kidman’s AMC commercial on SNL, which had come on the screen.

“I was at an AMC theater, and my boyfriend was so mad at me. When their ad would come on, I would try and recite it,” she said. “I really wanted to go in and just like, stand up and do it and be a psychopath.”

On the flip side, that was a reference to Fineman’s boyfriend being “mad.” Meanwhile, she thinks Pete Davidson is “charming.” And Ratajkowski also once said that Pete Davidson was “charming.” So did Martha Stewart.

I may be reaching, but if on the off chance that Pete Davidson functions like a genie in a bottle, perhaps there’s a magic word to make him appear at one’s side?

I want a ride on the magic carpet. “Pete Davidson is charming!” There, I said it. Now I just have to sit back and wait.

Jordan Karlsson and Silke Jasso contributed to this article.

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