Chris Farley Wore John Belushi’s Pants Under All His Costumes for Saturday Night Live

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David Spade is reminiscing on good times shared between hosts and guests of the iconic late-night show Saturday Night Live.

Chris Farley was an incredible entertainer and comedian. His role model was the late John Belushi, a previous SNL host, and comedian. He took after his hero and mentor a bit too closely by getting entangled with similar struggles with drugs. Both of which costs them their lives.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

On Spade’s podcast Fly on the Wall, he had a chat with his co-host Dana Carvey. Spade shared the time he experienced with Farley and how deep Farley’s admiration of Belushi truly went.

Funny Times

“When he found Belushi’s pants in wardrobe, the wardrobe was so extensive there and they would give him pants,” Spade shared on the podcast. “For his size, they would dig back and he would just look in and see in there written ‘Belushi’. And he’d go, ‘Oh my God, these are f—-ng Belushi’s!’”

The wardrobe department on SNL made costumes tailored specifically for Chris Farley, but he still wore Belushi’s pants underneath them.

“Then he’d put them on and then even if they gave him different pants,” Spade added. “He would put them under his pants because it was like good luck. He loved Belushi.”

Odd Times

Farley was known for spontaneous antics like this. Many cast and crew from that time on the live show recall his self-destructive tendencies. Lorne Michaels, the creator of SNL, tried to help Farley, recenter his focus so he wouldn’t engage in his typical high-risk behavior.

“He did wipe his butt with a USA Today once,” Spade mentioned. “I guess it was right before readthrough.”

Farley was also known to urinate in jars and defecate out of windows.

“We love Chris,” Carvery shared, “He’s the greatest.”

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