Christine Brown Reveals on ‘Sister Wives’ That Marriage to Kody is Over

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Most people already know that Sister Wives star Christine Brown left husband Kody, thanks mostly to Christine’s Instagram account and awesome news and entertainment outlets such as ourselves.

But it still appeared shocking to her, uh, sister wives when the news was revealed on the TLC show.

“It’s no secret that Kody and I have been in a rough spot for a long time,” Christian, 50, told Meri, Janelle and Robyn in this week’s episode. “I have decided to leave Kody. It’s a hard decision, I need to make a choice for happiness.

“I need to make a choice to have joy in my life and peace and there hasn’t been a lot of hope at all until I decided to leave. I feel strongly this is the best choice for me.”

Christine Brown on Instagram

Christine actually made it known on Instagram a year ago that her marriage to Kody was over. She has since moved to Salt Lake City. But on the show, a little bit of shock ensues among the other wives.

“I’m in shock,” Robyn said a little after Christine revealed the news. “I don’t know what to say here. I don’t know what to say to her. It’s not really computing. It’s just not making sense right now. I’ve been through a divorce. I know what this means.

“We’re not just talking about three kids and a husband and a wife. We’re talking about 18 kids, spouses, grand babies and five of us that are all connected and committed to each other and technically married.”

Added Meri: “This is just a big announcement. I’m just processing at this point. I’m not happy right now, I’m not happy with the situation. It makes me angry. C’mon you guys can’t we all just get our heads out of our butts?”

Ah, yes. That appears to be the question.

For Brown, it’s clear she believes that is exactly what she’s doing by getting out of a marriage that includes three other women.

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