‘Chucky’ Actress Jennifer Tilly Says She Enjoys Filming Sex Scenes

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Actresses Jennifer Tilly has a reputation for being a bit sultry, and many will tell you it’s well-earned.

That’s probably because Tilly has historically gravitated to such roles — and has indicated they suit her well. In fact, she admitted to enjoying them.

Among the many roles for Tilly, 64, was that of killer doll Tiffany Valentine in 1998’s Bride of Chucky. And now, she will star in season 2 of the in USA/SYFY spinoff, simply called Chucky, the same name of the evil doll from the original film in the franchise, Child’s Play, released in 1988.

To no surprise, Tilly expressed confidence in taking part in some of the hot-and-steamy scenes of the new incarnation of the show.

“Well, if you have an affair with your co-star, that helps,” she told Fox News. “You know, the thing is all the actors say, ‘Oh, the kissing scenes are awful. The sex scenes are so uncomfortable. Everyone’s so uncomfortable. I hate it. Hate every minute of it.’ But the secret is a lot of actors like doing sex scenes or love scenes. They just feel like they’re supposed to say that. ‘Oh, it’s all technical. Like, whose nose goes where? And the cameras are right in your face.’”

‘Chucky’ Actress Jennifer Tilly Says She Enjoys Filming Sex Scenes

But not for Tilly. She is good with all of it.

“But it’s… an out-of-body experience,” she said. “Because you’re not yourself. You’re the character that’s in love with the other character. And so, it’s really almost like a free pass to make out with somebody that’s not your boyfriend… It’s escapism. Who doesn’t love that? And especially right now. [Creator] Don Mancini wrote in all of these make-out scenes for me in the Chucky series, and I’m like so happy because I hardly ever get those parts anymore.”

At this point in her career, Tilly added, she’s thankful for any role. So she didn’t mind when she was asked to shoot a risqué scene with co-star Fiona Dourif in season 1.

“They… have an intimacy coordinator,” Tilly said. “I’ve been out of the business. I’ve been semi-retired for 10 years. And I got a phone call the first day I was doing my scene with Fiona. I had a sex scene with Fiona where we’re wearing lingerie. They go, ‘Hello, this is the intimacy coordinator.’ I’m like, ‘Come again?’ She’s like, ‘Yes, I’m here to talk about your scene and make sure you’re comfortable.’ I’m like, ‘Hmm, I’m having a sex scene with another girl with a female director. I don’t really think we need an intimacy coordinator.’ She’s like, ‘OK, well, I’m here if you need me.’ I said, ‘I think we’ll be OK.’”

Tilly has also had prominent roles in movies such as The Doors, Embrace of the Vampire, Bound, Ray Meets Helen and Cult of Chucky, among many others.

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