Denise Richards’ Vehicle Shot At During Road Rage Incident

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Actress Denise Richards is said to be “shaken up” a bit after her vehicle was shot at during a road-rage incident in Los Angeles.

Richards, 51, was actually en route to an LA studio to work on a project when the incident occurred. Her husband, Aaron Phypers was also in the vehicle, which was headed to the Popsicle Studio. Richards actually went in and filmed her scenes, anyway.

“She was very shaken up and terrified, but she was a trooper and she went and filmed the whole day,” a source told People. “She didn’t want to not show up to work.”

The source added that Phypers was driving the couple’s Ford F-150 Shelby pick-up, with Richards riding in the passenger seat.

Denise Richards’ Vehicle Shot At During Road Rage Incident

They were being followed closely by an enraged driver in a van. Though neither Richards nor Phypers could figure out why, the source said.

When the van pulled up beside them, Phypers rolled down the window, with the driver of the other vehicle claiming that Phypers cut him off. Phypers supposedly apologized, then he and Richards began to make their way to the studio. It was there that they noticed the bullet hole in the back of the vehicle.

“The guy had taken off by then, but when they realized the car was shot, they were really freaked out, and the production secured the scene,” the source told People. “Even though they were upset, [Richards] decided to stay and film. Her role was just a one-day deal.

“The production company made her feel safe but they didn’t file a police report. They think now that people were after the car itself because it’s worth a lot of money.”

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