Why Donald Glover Prefers to Keep His Family Out of The Spotlight

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If you’re cool you know Childish Gambino’s real name is Donald Glover. If you’re *really cool you were listening to him back when he wore bright hoodies and his voice was super high, literal eons before Redbone or, God forbid, This is America. Regardless, if you’re curious about his personal life, here’s al little tidbit about him and his partner, Michelle White.


A Secret Life

Most people probably thought the actor, rapper, singer, comedian powerhouse would have ended up with an Asian American woman, but his partner Michelle surprisingly is not. Just as surprising is the fact that the two have a family together. Given the actor’s inclination for privacy, she was first spotted with Gambino in early 2016 in Hawaii, already pregnant with the couple’s first son. They named him Legend. In 2018 the couple welcomed their second son, the baby’s name is currently unknown.

If you’re wondering if the pair are actually married, the answer is seemingly ‘no’. A few times Glover has said that he doesn’t truly believe in the institution that it is marriage. He refers to her often, lovingly, as his partner as he did at the 2017 Emmy Awards. He addressed her saying, “I want to thank Michelle, my partner. You love me even when — how crazy I get”.  In another interview he said, “I thank my partner, she does all the hard stuff, to be honest…She’s just very supportive. I haven’t really had to change anything. But it’s given me definitely another perception on what life is. It gives me a lot of context.”

Public Acknowledgements

That night, he took home the two Emmy Award. One for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series and the other for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his tv show, Atlanta, in which he wrote and stars. Glover’s other acting endeavors include last year’s remake of The Lion King which featured an all-star cast including Beyonce, Guava Island co-starring with Rihanna, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and of course, his start as Troy in Community. Oh, and his real start, all of the youtube shorts from the days of Derrick Comedy.

Another thing we don’t really know is what Michelle White does. If she were in entertainment we would definitely know. It appears that she is a normal woman. Feel free to Google crawl for more images of Glover and Michelle, because with their level of privacy, you won’t hear more about them or their family for as long as they can manage, which, given precedent is a long time.

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