Donna D’Errico Celebrated National Barbie Day by Wearing Pink Lingerie


Onlyfans model and Baywatch star Donna D’Errico celebrated National Barbie Day by wearing pink lingerie in a photo. She shared the spread to Instagram. In one shot, she is posing in the silky material while clutching one of the bows between her fingers. She is all smiles with her brown hair pulled behind her ear.

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The caption reads, “It’s National Barbie Day. It’s also still Donna D’Errico Birthday Month. Here’s me honoring both today sitting in Barbie pink letting you know I’ll be posting some cake on my birthday.” 

She also teased in the caption that additional content would be shared to her Onlyfans page.

Comments have been flooding to D’Errico’s social media.

“Happy Birthday Month Donna D’Errico and I appreciate your Barbie day picture! You are a Natural Born Beauty, No Makeup Required or Desired!!!” 

To this, Donna replied, “haha thanks no makeup here though! Figured the outfit would distract from that lol.”

Another fan called her “stunningly beautiful.”

“This is a very pretty photo and your smile is super infectious. Also, I hope you have a very happy birthday,” one user shared.

“Truly amazing how photogenic you are Donna. The camera loves you,” another fan commented. “Love it! (National Donna D’Errico Birthday Month!). Looking forward to that cake! You are looking great as always!” another praised.

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She has shared several other posts in her lingerie set. She stood in front of her bathroom sink and brushed her teeth while looking in the mirror.

The caption read, “Rise and shine everyone! It’s going to be a beautiful Monday! Instagram removed a story posted several days ago that was just a photo of me completely covered with nothing exposed, and the words ‘link in bio’ written, but no actual link.”

“There is a link tree in my bio with multiple links contained in it, including among other things my film and tv credits as well as my animal activist charity work, which is important to me,” she added. “They said I’m now in danger of losing my entire account and all my followers if I step out of line again. I was like wtf, then I figured it out. Apparently speaking favorably in the press about a certain other social media platform that I’m on was a no-no and now I’m on the Instagram s— list. So DO NOT go to the link in my bio and for God’s sake DO NOT click on any link there that appears to have anything to do with bikinis!! The other links are cool though.”

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