Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson Hilariously Try to Prank Call Luke Wilson, Immediately Goes Wrong

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

All Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson wanted to do was prank call fellow actor Luke Wilson from the stage of The Drew Barrymore Show.

That they did — almost.

Instead of getting the Luke Wilson they were aiming for, they got another Luke Wilson. Or more specifically, an actor named Lucas Wilson. To his credit, he handled the call with grace.

Once Barrymore and Hudson figured out it wasn’t Luke Wilson, and instead Lucas Wilson, Hudson wondered why Lucas was on his phone.

A Prank Gone Wrong

This caused the crowd to erupt and Barrymore to seemingly blush. But Lucas Wilson, also an actor, quickly ended the suspense.

“I was in a movie (with Barrymore) — Never Been Kissed,” he explained.

Barrymore then promised to call Lucas Wilson back shortly “to explain what the hell I’m doing.”

Again, he handled it professionally.

“OK, it’s no problem,” he said. “It’s always good to hear from you.”

Then Hudson asks if Lucas Wilson is single, introducing herself in the process.

“What am I, on a TV show?” he asked, seemingly finally figuring out the prank call gone wrong.

Interestingly, Lucas Wilson only had an uncredited role in Never Been Kissed. So this may have been his biggest moment. And while Luke or Owen Wilson weren’t involved in the movie, their brother Andrew Wilson actually was, as Andrew portrayed a security guard.

Watch the entire interaction in the clip below:

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