Drew Barrymore Defends ‘Grumpy’ Hugh Grant Following Brutal Oscars Interview

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Drew Barrymore is keeping it real, defending her former co-star Hugh Grant following his awkward and brutal Oscars interview with Ashley Graham. After the 62-year-old was interviewed on the red carpet, several viewers were annoyed by the short answers he was giving back to her. The actor also rolled his eyes at the model after the end of the interview.

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When asked what he was wearing, the simply stated, “My suit,” which definitely received several criticisms from other Hollywood presenters. But, Barrymore came to his defense during an episode of her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show.

Drew Barrymore Defends Hugh Grant


“I swear, if you know Hugh, like, that is his way of loving you,” Barrymore stated. “I swear, okay, so it’s funny, too, because there’s this thing going around with him and Ashley Graham on the red carpet, and people are like, he’s such a curmudgeon and she’s so thrown.”

 “No, that is Hugh Grant. You think you’re getting this charming movie star and what you really get is grumpy Hugh and then you fall in love with grumpy Hugh. When he says that, I’m telling you, he is being absolutely funny, he doesn’t mean one negative thing about it,” she continued.

She went on to add that the “grumpy version” of Hugh that Graham had encountered was actually the “real” Hugh, calling him a “hilarious, good human being.”

Barrymore’s comments came as she was asked about his comment about her singing in the 2007 film Music and Lyrics, where he said she had a “horrendous” singing voice. “Drew Barrymore was in that film with me, and I don’t think she’d mind me saying her singing is just horrendous. I’ve heard dogs bark better than she sings,” Grant said during an interview with Wired.

Drew The Singer?

She quickly took to her Instagram page to share quite a funny comeback to Grant. In the video, she was seen singing the song from the movie while holding a hairbrush, writing the caption, “#SingForHughGrant JOIN ME.”

Grant has yet to publicly discuss his meeting with Graham but he did appear on The View shortly after the event but wasn’t questioned about his red-carpet encounter, which drew criticism from viewers on social media.

However, when asked by TMZ, Graham did comment on the situation, saying “You know what, my mama told me to kill people with kindness, so there you go.”

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