Emily Blunt Says Tom Cruise Told Her to ‘Stop Being a P***y’ While on Set

Cruise’s legendary on-set intensity allegedly led him to use a bad word.

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Let’s be Blunt: Not everyone loves Tom Cruise.

Sure, it seemed that way after Top Gun: Maverick soared to nearly unimaginable heights at the box office this year. But one of Tom Cruise’s co-stars, Emily Blunt, claims he can act nasty enough to get himself kicked off an airplane.

Well … sorta.

In an episode of the podcast SmartLess that isn’t yet available on YouTube, Cruise allegedly told Blunt to buck up while they shot Edge of Tomorrow, TMZ reported Saturday.

More specifically, he apparently told John Krasinksi’s wife to “stop being a p—y” after she cried during the production of the 2014 sci-fi flick, TMZ said. Blunt reportedly felt that the suit she and other actors had to wear was so heavy, she considered quitting.

According to TMZ, Emily Blunt recalled Tom Cruise taking a knee and coaching her by saying, “Come on. Stop being such a p—y, OK?”

She apparently took the comment well — laughing, even — and summoned the motivation to finish shooting the film.

The Word That TMZ Hates the Most: ‘Context’

As is often the case, what TMZ frames as “news” actually isn’t. Eight years ago, she told almost the exact same story — minus the word “p—y” — on The Graham Norton Show … with Cruise sitting by her side.

“It was a particularly hard day, I must say,” Blunt laughed, putting her hands on Cruise shoulder and arm. “Tom’s insatiable positivity, I could just see it start to unravel” while shooting the scene with the heavy suits.

He too chuckled and shared his own recollection of what happened.

“She didn’t break my spirit, but there was that moment when I went …,” Cruise remembered. “I thought, ‘If I start complaining, it’s on.’”

Blunt then said she told him to admit, “It sucks.”

Will Blunt’s Claim Hurt Cruise’s Career?

Of course not — especially because, from all indications, Cruise didn’t have any malice toward Blunt.

At least thus far, Tom Cruise has enjoyed widespread — actually, close to universal — adoration throughout his career. Even during his weird coach-jumping antics on The Oprah Winfrey Show in May 2005 and his testy interviews over his beliefs in Scientology, moviegoers didn’t abandon him. They just seemed to think he was, well, weird.

The blunt divulgence about Cruise from one of his countless costars is unlikely to tarnish his reputation, despite the sexist connotation of his alleged remark. After all, the public is already aware of his intensity on the sets of his movies.

Exhibit A: In late 2020, Tom Cruise tore the crew of Mission: Impossible 7 a new one for not abiding by COVID protocols. Multiple members of the crew walked off the set and quit, according to Good Morning America, which aired video of the incident.

Top Gun: Maverick is the year’s number-one movie at the box office. It collected $718.1 million, far ahead of runner-up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which earned $411.3 million.

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