Evan Rachel Woods Binged Madonna Music Videos To Portray Her in New Film

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Not just anyone can portray Madonna in a movie, but Evan Rachel Woods is going to give it the ol’ college try.

That’s right, it is Woods who will play the role of the Material Girl in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, due out on the Roku Channel on Nov. 4. (Daniel Radcliffe will star as Weird Al, which we relayed here.)

In order to prepare for the role said she feverishly studied a younger Madonna. And not just studied, but binge-watched Madonna’s early music videos — from back in the days when music videos were all the rage.

The movie is directed by Eric Appel, who wanted Woods to portray a “sociopathic” version of Madonna.

Evan Rachel Wood Wows Jimmy with Madonna Impression

“Eric directed me in one scene to be Madonna on a lot of cocaine,” Woods told Entertainment Weekly. “She’s very conniving and completely just using Weird Al, and everything she does is a pathological lie to get ahead in her career. So it was basically taking the genius that is Madonna and turning her into a sociopath that ends up running a drug cartel.”

While Woods is co-starring, obviously the move primarily centers around Yankovic, the whacky rocker who has made a killing off parodies of hit pop songs.

So Radcliffe had plenty of work to do in his own role. And perhaps not surprisingly, Weird received lots of positive reviews after being revealed at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“Every character in this film starts as something you kind of recognize, and then you watch it explode into something truly insane,” Radliffe told reporters. “I was randomly more half naked as Weird Al than any other character I’ve ever played. I’m like the cliche of the person who has stopped drinking and transferred that energy to something else.”

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