These Ridiculous Holiday Trends Are Making Christmas Real Weird

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Trends, we either learn to adapt to them or they get left behind. It seems like every day more and more trends come to light, showing us that no matter how ridiculous they are, people will eventually cave and follow along because well, that’s who we are. It’s in our nature. As I was searching social media for these so-called trends this holiday season, I found some very…let’s just call them odd trends that didn’t quite make sense to me.

The length that some people go to show off their holiday spirit shocks me. I mean, I get it, it’s Christmas, you want to show off your favorite holiday sweater that will make people laugh and maybe get you that $100 gift card! But, some of these trends are not supposed to see the day of light. Don’t believe me? Here are some of the most ridiculous trends I’ve seen this year…so far. New year, newish trends, am I right?

1. Christmas Tree Eyebrows

Yes, apparently this eyebrow trend is very much a thing and is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a Christmas tree drawn on your eyebrows. From glitter to stickers, these jingle-bell covered brows are the latest face trend that is roaming around Instagram. It sort of reminds me like a Snapchat filter, that’s how ridiculous they are, but hey, if you’re into that stuff, then go right ahead.

Honestly, with these, you can forget about the whole ugly Christmas sweater thing and just rock the Christmas spirit right on your face! Props to those who actually try and create this look, because they must have a lot of patience and free time on their hands.

The trend started last year with beauty gurus putting wax on their eyebrows and spreading them out to look like branches and adding glitter and gems to them. Instagram user @taytay_xx takes the credit for the trend back in December 2017 and is apparently still going strong this year. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised no one has complained that their eyebrows have fallen off. Deck your brows with boughs of holly?

2. Christmas Tree Hair

Cindy Lou Who, is that you? Just when we thought unicorn hair would be the number one most interest holiday trend, in regards to height design hairstyles, in comes the Christmas tree hair trend full of Holiday cheer! The self-explanatory look was created after people started styling their hair as an upside-down cone shape, mimicking a Christmas tree and decorating the strands with tinsel and ornaments.

What amazed me about this whole trend is the way the tree manages to “defy gravity”! Basically, women place an empty water bottle or cone on top of their head as a guide. The hair is then moved up over the top of the bottle or cone and held in place with a hair elastic and then spray on an unlimited amount of hairspray. They seriously must be using some kind of supernatural hairspray for it to stay intact, I mean, I can’t even get my own ponytail to stay in place, let along a whole cone!

I do have to admit that these are pretty impressive, especially those that go to the next level and dye their hair green and add lights to it. Props to them for keeping the Christmas spirit alive, despite them looking quite silly doing it. Anything for Christmas, right? I’m sure Santa will appreciate a Christmas tree on anyone’s head.

3. Reindeer Boobs

Yes, this trend actually involves boobs, and I don’t even know why this exists or who invented it, but it’s here. Have you ever spent a whole hour standing in front of your closet trying to figure out what to wear to your next holiday party? Well, here’s a sweater NO ONE will have because it’s as unique as it can get, trust me.

Introducing the Holiday boob Sweater, the flattering photogenic look that is three parts cozy, one party nippy and guaranteed to make at least one person uncomfortable throughout the night! The true American dream. How exactly do you make it? Well, all one need’s is a classic holiday sweater of any kind, some scissors, and you’re set.

Grab that sweater, cut a hole where your boob should be, and boom, there’s your outfit for the night. To not “expose” your boob out in the public, you then continue to decorate it as a reindeer, because that is going to make it soooo much better.

Grab some glitter and googly eyes, and decorate the heck out of that boob of yours! With some stick-on jewels, a crocheted nipple cover or sparkly pom poms, you’ll be the talk of the party! The “best part” of this look is that it just doesn’t have to be for women, it can also involve men! Regardless of their identity, the NSFW trend (because you probably don’t want to wear this at your office holiday party) can be rocked by anyone as long as they are up for showing some cleavage.

I don’t know about you, but I think I rather skip these holiday trends this year. Let’s just say…they’re a little bit too much for me. I’ll just stick with my funny ugly sweater, thanks. You’re up Valentine’s Day.

This post was originally published on December 10, 2018. 

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