Host of The View Says She Walks Around Naked In Front Of Her Children (Video)

Sara Haines, co-host of ‘the View’, revealed on the show today that she walks around naked in front of her children during a discussion about Michaelangelo’s sculpture of David.

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A Florida Principal was reportedly forced to step down after parents complained about the principal showing sixth graders the statue of ‘David’.

In an attempt to defend the statue, Haines claimed that it is just a naked body, and that she herself walks around her house nude. She also claims that her children have seen her naked.

Haines can be quoted as saying…

HAINES: Like, I put my lotions on (myself), My kids have seen my body. My kids bathe together.

SUNNY HOSTIN: Your kids have seen your ta-tas??

HAINES: Absolutely, They ask if there’s milk in there.

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A co-host asks her if her children have seen her ‘ta-tas’, to which she replies that her children ‘ask if there is milk in there’. See a clip of that moment below…

She also claimed that her children ‘bathe together’. Co-host Ana Navarro became enraged at the comments, waving her hand in Haines direction and saying she ‘doesn’t know how a conversation about David came to ta-tas and milk’.

Reports being circulated show that Haines has three children, all under 7 years old. Is it appropriate for her to show her naked body to her children?

I’m sure that young siblings have bathed together for as long as human kind has existed. Having your mother walking around without clothes on is a different story.

This was too much information, and made the audience and everybody at home very uncomfortable. Maybe ‘The View” should look at getting a new co-host who doesn’t make the audience cringe.

It will be incredibly interesting to see how different people react to this story. What are your thoughts? Let us know with a tweet @rare!

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  1. Should have kept that information to herself. Naked in front of her kids, disgusting. Lost my respect for her.😫

  2. I’m sure she doesn’t mean she cleans house naked or etc. But I know very few mom’s who have not had their kids see them naked in the bath tub,, or kids be in the room while she’s getting dressed. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. My goodness!

    • Exactly, I saw both parents naked bodies when I was a kid. Seems I grew up ok also took baths with my siblings.

  3. Making a big deal out of nothing. I’m sure everyone’s kids under the age of 7 has seen their parents naked. Kids bust in the bathroom with you all the time, you have no privacy!!!

  4. If Woopie had said that she would have to apologize on air and then be put on leave from the show. Someone out there would b make a big deal out of it like they do with most everything she says or does.

  5. My kids seen both of us naked . if you don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s not a big deal when they’re little. Depends how you were brought up. Really, don’t teach kids to be ashamed of their own bodies.

    • My wife took baths with our young children. I held my daughter in shower as toddler.. 1 do you remember stuff when you were 1,2,3? No . I know people who’s young boys bathed in front of them at 10.. life’s sho

  6. Well most kids are modest by that age. As such I believe that a child should stop bathing with a parent and seeing the opposite parent naked around the age of 5, depending on how mature they are. Guess what parents? Most are uncomfortable seeing you naked.

  7. She’s right it makes you kids more open. If they get sexually abused they won’t feel ashamed talking about it. Years of therapy, could be avoided. I guess they like the view unless it has a different view., on nudity. I like it because it overs up different views .

  8. Well I can see why I don’t watch the view. It wasn’t even the naked stuff . It was the manner in which it was given. It appeared their view was one sided. The ditsy co-host has the right to raise her kids as she deems fit. That Navarro lady went off like a dictator. Talking over the other hosts . She has got to have the most annoying, nasally horrible voice I’ve ever heard. OMG , I’d jump out of plane to get away from her conversation. Worst Nanny Fran back in the day.

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